30 Things You Must Go Through Before You're 30 To Live A Regret Proof Life

30 Things You Must Go Through Before You're 30 To Live A Regret Proof Life

By: Andrea Mejía -

Regret is a feeling that all of us experience at some point of our lives. However, unlike guilt, regret has more to do with all those things we don't do because of the limits we’ve imposed on ourselves. Society will always tell us what to do with our lives through “do's” and “should's” that, more than inviting us to improve our life, end up becoming limitations. The thing with these magic words is that they don’t work unless you give them the power to do so. If you keep believing in those do’s and should's, you might look back on your life and see a path marked by regret.


A really regret-proof life might be impossible to achieve. However, you can turn this feeling into a lesson, because most of the times it reveals what you really wanted or needed in your life. Right now we’re young, so we’re always making mistakes and learning from them, but this is also the time to take risks, because it is only through them that we’ll be closer to reach our goals.


So, why not embrace the risks and try these 30 experiences?


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30. Confessing to your crush

I know it’s not as easy as it sounds. Especially because it comes with the not-so-nice risk of being rejected. However, this gamble comes with one of the best prizes too: maybe your crush likes you too. You won’t know unless you try it. And if they say no, you’ll recover from the heartbreak, and that will always be better than having an eternal what-if.


29. Find a hobby you love


28. Have a movie marathon


27. Make an effort to go to your dream college

Let’s be honest: the university you choose won’t guarantee a successful future (and of course, success doesn’t mean the same for everyone). If you’re going to study and make an effort to go to the university you like best, do it for yourself, because you’re convinced that’s the best choice for you. It doesn’t matter if it gets you the best job or not. At least you’ll have the satisfaction of having spent four years of your life in the place you liked.

26. Do some extreme activity at least once

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25. Ride a roller coaster

24. Save money to buy a house

We've all heard the stories of people who come up with a successful app and, in the blink of an eye, get a big house in Silicon Valley. Good for them, but those cases are rare. Save money to buy a place of your own. It doesn’t have to be the big suburban house of the American dream. Choose the place you like the most and make it your own.

23. Travel by yourself to a place you’ve never visited


22. Travel with your friends

21. Open yourself to your circle of friends

Forget about façades and appearances. Your real friends will like you for who you are. Don’t waste your time and energy on people who want to change you or don’t accept you as you are.

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20. Spend some money on an expensive outfit that’ll last


19. Say yes to that one night stand


18. Say sorry

We've all argued or fought with someone we love over something that could be easily solved by accepting it was our fault. Be humble enough to accept you made a mistake and say sorry. The other person will surely appreciate it, and it'll fix an issue you would regret not solving.  

17. Sing out loud at a karaoke


16. Eat junk food once in a while

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15. Learn to forgive

Both point 18 and this one imply thorough self-reflection. Don’t say sorry to magically end an argument. If it was someone else’s fault, let go of that grudge. Forgiveness is one of the toughest values to embrace, but by doing so you won’t be holding on to unnecessary bitterness in your life.


14. Throw a huge birthday party


13. Get wasted at that awesome party

12. Hang out with your friends

Don’t let your job or laziness stop you from meeting up with your friends. Those moments you spend with them are far more valuable than a Netflix night or extra hours at work.


11. Be single

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10. Work things out in your relationship (if it's worth it)


9. Say “I love you” first

I don’t get why we complicate our lives by waiting for the other to say “I love you” first. If you feel the moment is right, just say it. Let your pride or fear of being rejected aside and tell the other person how you feel.

8. Try to do something you’re bad at


7. Go see your favorite band live


6. Stay up all night talking to someone


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5. Study for your dream career

People always have things to say about every career. “You won’t earn enough money,” “you won’t get a job,” “why would someone need that,” and many other lovely phrases. You can choose the "best" major in the world, but still not find a job. Just do whatever you love, because that’ll be far more satisfying than wasting years of your life in something you don’t enjoy because it was the safe choice. And remember, having a good job is a matter of finding good opportunities and working hard.

4. Ignore other people’s advice when you’re already convinced about something


3. Tell someone when you’re not feeling okay


2. Unplug from social media once in a while


1. Live by and for yourself

By doing this, you’ll become truly independent. This experience will help you get to know yourself even better than in any other experience. Moreover, you’ll see it isn’t as scary as it might seem. There’ll be hardships, that’s for sure, but you’ll find out how to deal with them.


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