34 Naughty Commandments For Women Who Love Themselves

34 Naughty Commandments For Women Who Love Themselves

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By: Julieta Sanguino

January 17, 2017

Lifestyle 34 Naughty Commandments For Women Who Love Themselves
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By: Julieta Sanguino

January 17, 2017

Guilt and purity kill rebellious spirits; anything with a spark dies a cold, slow death. Demureness and coyness make you a victim of patterns and routines you'll never really escape from. Only women who truly love themselves know how to surface from the quicksands of stereotypes society is fast to impose and break the plastic molds where their shapes are crammed to fit a single model. Sluts, perverts, crazy, hysterical, and countless other epithets have been thrown around to sink an already fragile self-esteem and perhaps one of the most painful is "unwanted." 

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Why does it matter so much if you're desired or wanted by another if what is projected to the world is already an artificial image? The Marquis de Sade taught us over two hundred years ago that virtue is only possible after a series of unfortunate, restrictive events and vice, in turn, will bring prosperity. Juliette and Justine are the best examples: the former decides to work at a brothel and triumphs, and the latter decides for an honorable life, which ultimately leads her to encounter all kinds of sadistic and perverted individuals. Juliette relishes her sexual freedom and achieves social success because of it. Her actions are improbable and highly perverse, but that shouldn't surprise us; after all, she lives in a tale woven by one of the most sadistic writers in the world. The central point is not her perversion, bur rather her will to only satiate her own desires and follow her own path. By staying true to herself and her own basic desires, she breaks the masks society would rather impose upon her. 

Once you free yourself from all the "Thou Shalt," you can finally relish these 34 commandments and follow them at your own discretion. 

1. Be brave; it is a sentiment that is often overlooked.

2. Have as much unmeasured fun as possible.

3. Life isn't complicated, your thoughts are...

4. There is always an aspect of strangeness and otherness to beauty. 

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5. Only dead fish swim with the current.

6. Stop being afraid of what could go wrong and be excited by all the possibilities that lie ahead of you. 

7. Don't adapt to other people's "normal;" build your own normalicy. 

8. Try to do all the things that you know will inspire you, because as corny as it sounds, you only get one life. 

9. Learn to trust and build the trust that was once broken 

10. No one should ever force you to do anything against your will and moral belief, unless they're naked of course...(naughty wink to de Sade) 

11. If you bring joy into your life, you'll  unconsciously share it with those around you. 

12. Break the rules at least once just to feel naughty.

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13.  Just say "oops" when you break stupid rules.

14. Sweet tongue, dirty mind, playful heart, and a loving soul. Amazing combination don't you think? 

15. Lead a year of a tiger than one hundred years of being a sheep. 

16. Don't let idiots ruin your day

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17. Respect those who value honesty, no matter how much it may hurt you. 

18. Reinvention always comes after failure, never forget that. 

19. We all have three lives: public, private, and secretive. 

20. If all the time you're trying to cram into the mold set out by society, you'll never soar free and reach your full potential. 

21. Stop fooling yourself. If you admit the sucky parts of reality, at least you'll have the chance to change it. If you turn a blind eye, then you'll be forced to live a life of deceit and repeat bad cycles over and over. 

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22. A day of worry can be as equally exhausting as a trying week at work. 

23. We all deserve someone who makes the idea of tomorrow a fascinating opportunity. 

24. We all have bad sides, it all depends on how you deal with your inner demons.

25. Work on loving that person you see every single day in the mirror because that same person has borne the weight of your problems and remains standing. 

26. Tell those who judge you to "fuck off." Why bother judging someone else's life? Just focus on your own. 

27. Mature women don't crave attention.

28. Don't judge a book by its cover; salt and sugar look exactly the same on the surface. 

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29. Bravery means embracing your vulnerability. 

30. Don't waste your breath complaining. 

31. A healthy relationship is built on countless smiles and orgasms. 

32. When you love what you have, then you'll have enough. 

33. Beautiful things happen when you smile, especially if you're naked. 

34. It doesn't matter how spotted your past may be, your future is spotless. 

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These photographs and commandments were inspired by the Instagram “Dirty Glitters”.  They prove a single image can show the true meaning of inner strength. 

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