The Adult Baby Lifestyle Is More Complex Than You'd Think

The Adult Baby Lifestyle Is More Complex Than You'd Think

By: Ariel Rodriguez -

Adult baby syndrome, or adult babies, are people who dress up as babies and often use diapers. It's all fun and games until someone needs a diaper change...

I stumbled upon the baby section of a department store the other day, and I have to admit that sometimes I wish I could go back to those days when I did nothing but sleep and eat all day – well, I don’t remember that time, but I think that’s how it went. Just browsing around the aisles made me squeal inside with the irresistible cuteness of all the baby products, like the cartoon onesies, jumpers, and the tiny pacifiers that help babies relax. Nonetheless, I have no desire to walk around wearing a diaper again, which is why I was so surprised to come across an adult-sized diaper on display. “What kind of baby would wear these?,” I asked myself out loud, and the sales associate who happened to walk by said “adult babies.”

The Adult Baby Lifestyle Is More Complex Than Youd Think 1

Living as an adult baby is a lifestyle that takes on many forms (and sometimes fetishes), depending on the person who lives it. The people who enjoy this way of life are called many names, but one name describes them the best: Adult Baby Diaper Lovers (ABDL). Not all adult babies behave like babies, but many love doing so. They buy customized "baby" furniture that is appropriate to their size, drink from a bottle, and enjoy the softness and comfort of diapers. Many others think of this age regression as a sexual act that can turn into a role-playing activity with their partner. These activities are usually safe, and they shouldn’t be stigmatized because they’re just a lifestyle decision, like many others. Wouldn’t you like to go back to that time where your only problems were waiting until someone changed your diaper? 

The Adult Baby Lifestyle Is More Complex Than Youd Think 2

Photo by: @little_tori_baby

This lifestyle definitely comes with a big price tag, and not just because of the customized furniture and clothing that'll make you appreciate the affordability of baby-sized products, but also the fact that you’ll require a babysitter. That’s right, babies can’t take care of themselves, and adult babies often require someone to look after them, someone who can feed them, play with them, and even change their diapers when any accidents occur. But living as an adult can be therapeutic too, or at least that's what Tori Hart, an 18-year-old Adult Baby Diaper Lover told SWNS. Hart shares her life as a grown baby through her Instagram account, and she mentioned that regressing to a baby stage again helped her overcome a dark chapter of her infancy where she was sexually abused. In fact, Hart says that this way of life has helped her reclaim her childhood and even battle mental health problems like depression, anxiety, and eating disorders. 

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Photo by: @little_tori_baby

Quitting your job and redecorating your room with pastel colors and gigantic baby furniture sounds like an impossible thing to do, but it’s actually doable. Proof of this is 23-year-old Youtuber Jess, also known as Binkie Princess, an adult baby who has fufilled her fantasy of living as a baby with everything that comes with it, and she shares it all on her channel. She crawls, plays with colorful toys, and wears a onesie and diaper every day. She shows viewers around her room (nursery) and shows off her new acquisitions, like her gigantic white crib. Although her boyfriend is not into her way of life, he seems to support her and accept her choices. Here’s a video of her explaining her lifestyle.

Both Hart and Jess say they're not interested in the sexual role-playing that is sometimes associated with adult babies. Their lifestyle is glamorized through their social media accounts, and they seem to be getting lots of support from many followers. They are part of a growing community that doesn't feel ashamed about sharing their photographs online. They are obviously aware of their age and know the difference between being an adult and being a baby. Yet, they choose to experience this way of life because it makes them feel happy and satisfied. The question is, are they going to do it forever? 


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