4 Reasons Why You Should Change Your Hair Color After A Breakup

Lifestyle 4 Reasons Why You Should Change Your Hair Color After A Breakup

Makeovers can be a great way to pamper yourself and remind you that you can always start over.

To change looks is a normal process and i've found it to be the perfect coping mechanism after a break up, especially if said relationship ended on a sour note. Now, you change your style to feel good about yourself, not to prove to someone else what they're missing out on, or maybe you are, doesn't matter. What matters is that the style you pick reflects that new path you want to take and reinvention of the being. So, let's move on and start over.


Sleep on it

The most important thing before rushing to the salon with pictures of your favorite fierce celebrity is to really sleep on it. Have you actually thought this through? Whatever you do, don't be impulsive because most of the times you regret it afterwards and it'll take time to fix that mistake. Hair grows, yes, but the reason behind this change of style is to boost your confidence, so think things through before you decide to dye it or chop it.

There are loads of apps out there that allow you to try out different styles, and see how they fit your face shape. Also, really be honest with yourself, how much time do you spend on your hair? Are you willing to blow dry it every day? If you are lazy like me, just fess up to it because that will never change, no matter how much you promise yourself you'll change and wake up one hour earlier to do your hair.

Find the right look

Now, once you’ve meditated on it, it’s time to select the look you want. Turns out that the most common change people ask is either platinum blond or black. But is a radical change the right decision for you? First, think about the cut, if you're going for short or just a trim. For example, people are scared of the pixie cut because they believe it doesn't suit all face shapes or hair types, yeah, they're wrong, pixies suit everyone. Also, the color you go for has to suit your skin tone, not everyone suits the same shade of blond or red, so first check what's your undertone and take it from there.


Blond or Red?

Red is an amazing and bold color that spells passion and sexiness. You can go for subtle hues that are in the red family but are not so loud, take as an example strawberry blonde, it is a perfect mix between blonde and earthier red tones. Or, you can go for deeper and richer tones like dark auburn. Or you can always go blond, they say they always have the most fun. This hair color is fresh and youthful and if you are naturally dark perhaps you can start with subtle honey highlights and work your way up to softer, lighter tones.

Join The Dark Sisterhood

Yes, join the dark side and the rich chocolate hues. You don't have to go black, in fact I strongly advice against this if you are unsure because it is a very difficult pigment to wash off. For some reason, brunettes are associated with maturity and hard work. If you feel this color can be quite boring, there's a really interesting color trend called chocolate mauve that combines dark hues with subtle pink undertones. If you also want to go one step further, go for fantasy colors since they are associated with extroversion and fun, it's also a cool way to show off to the world who you are. So, now is the perfect moment for you to close that chapter in your life and look forward to the adventures that are yet to come.


All in all, I think that when we’re going through a breakup we should do whatever it takes to gain emotional stability and inspiration to move on. Changing your look is a very cathartic process that allows you to heal past hurts and reinvent yourself. So, ready for your new, bold look?


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