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“She’s broke:” Amber Heard might publish a book about her marriage to Johnny Depp to pay him back

Por: Cultura Colectiva +23 de junio de 2022

The actress is not having a good time after the court ruled in favor of her ex-husband, Johnny Depp.

Everything seems to indicate that Amber Heard is not having a good time after the verdict reached by the court of Virginia, which established that she must pay 10.35 million dollars (minus 2 million) to Johnny Depp for defamation.

Contrary to what is happening to Depp who has begun to resume his career in music, as well as in film where he already has projects in the door, Heard has faced backlash on social media, as well as rumors that her career in Hollywood is going downhill or even finished.

A few weeks ago, her lawyer Elaine Bredehoft claimed that the Aquaman star has no money to pay the American actor. In addition, some photos were published in which the actress was shopping at discount stores.

Now, a close source assured that Heard is in talks to write a book in which she will tell the story of her four-year marriage with Johnny, as well as the abusive situations she lived with the actor, to be able to pay the millionaire amount she owes him.

According to OK! Magazine, a close source revealed that Amber “is broke” so she will offer her explicit version of what she experienced alongside the Pirates of the Caribbean star to be able to pay him.

“Amber Heard considers her Hollywood career over. She has nothing left to lose and is excited to tell all,” the magazine assured.

So far, the only thing that is known is that the actress could have signed a millionaire contract to sell her memoirs, although she has yet to issue an official statement confirming the information. A move like this could easily backfire since she has just lost a trial for defamation after an op-ed that didn’t even name Depp. A book openly talking about it could unleash an even bigger suit.

Tomorrow, Amber Heard and Johnny Depp’s lawyers will have an audience in court to reach a settlement. It was hinted by Depp’s lawyers that money was never the priority for Depp so they could forgive her part of the debt. Heard’s legal team also declared that they will be appealing the verdict, although she will likely have to pay first to do so under the laws of Virginia.

Story originally published in Cultura Colectiva

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