6 Bad Dates You've Had (Or Will Have) At Some Point Of Your Life

Anyone in the dating ring will recognize the next examples of abominable dating experiences. If you’re new to this thing, brace yourself.

Dating is not easy. I don’t really understand why everyone keeps talking about the marvels of the modern dating world, the benefits of technology, and the perks of apps. Of course, dating was way worse in the past, mainly because most women didn’t get to do it. Their parents would be like, “You're marrying that guy,” and they had to be okay with that. So, yeah, compared with that, today’s dating world is paradise. However, today’s apparent pros only bring a wider variety of strange, uncomfortable, and unlikely encounters. If you’ve been dating for a few years, you’ll recognize the next examples of horrible experiences, and if you’re new to this thing, brace yourself, because you’ll date a few of these charming individuals sooner or later:

The one who's more into their phone than you.


After ignoring you for quite a while, this individual will probably want to take a selfie with you. If at that moment you haven’t given up already, you’ll get pretty excited and you’ll think that they will finally want to talk, get to know you, share some anecdotes, or at least talk about the place or the food instead of taking pictures of it. But then they will just upload the pic(s) and go right back to laughing at memes that their friends keep sending them.


The one who brings up their ex every two seconds.


These are the people that “get back on the horse” way too soon, before they’re actually ready to move on and appreciate a new person. Try not to take it personally, even if the fact that they miss their ex isn’t a good excuse to waste your time. I really don’t know what’s worse: mentioning their ex to tell you how great they are, or talking about them to say they're the worst. It doesn’t really matter; both are terrible.

The one who doesn't shut up.


The worst part about this one is that they generally don’t know that what they’re doing is awful. This one is the horrible constant-interrupter, the one who knows everything about everything, the one who only talks about their own life and doesn’t realize that it’s a date and not an interview. If you actually get the chance to speak a little bit, instead of listening and reacting to what you’re saying, they will associate it with something about themselves and immediately get back on their blabbering track.


The one who won't talk.


Once you meet this one, the person who refuses to say more than a few words, you’ll miss the impossibly chatty one. With an overly talkative person, you have to suffer in silence, but this kind of silent date makes you work, and you have to work really hard: asking questions that they’ll answer with monosyllables, and telling your most charming anecdotes to receive no real reaction. Leaving would be too rude, and you’ll probably be too uncomfortable to just let the silence hang there heavily. So, guess what? You’ll become the impossibly chatty one.

The one who's more interesting online than in person.


This is the most frustrating kind of date. It’s the one where you get super excited only to find out that it was all a front. This person is the most charming, eloquent, hilarious, and charismatic being in the world, as long as they're filtering their personality through a smartphone. In person, they might not be terrible but they’re just… boring. It’s the saddest one on this list, and you’ll probably see them more than once because a part of you will remain hopeful. Whatever happens: good luck.



The one who hates everything you love.


This one is similar to the impossibly chatty one, but they mostly focus on destroying everything that makes you happy. They’re the infamous film/TV/literary/music critic that has the highest cultural standards and mocks anything that more than fourteen people enjoy for being too conventional. The funny thing about this one is that they’re just trying really hard to impress you, failing miserably with this terrible technique.


Having bad dating experiences is unavoidable, but that shouldn't discourage you from looking for a partner that's actually compatible with you. No matter how many awful dates you have, there will always be more interesting options available for you at any given moment. What a great time to be alive, right? Enjoy it!


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