5 Things I Learned When I Had To Be The Third Wheel

Because being the third wheel has a silver lining too.

A couple of years ago, I thought it would be a good idea to introduce my best female friend and my best male friend. To achieve this without being annoying, I invited them both to a party. We started talking, drinking, and dancing. Unexpectedly, Cupid did what he does best and my friends fell in love. A couple of weeks later, they were dating and, obviously, I became the very much dreaded third wheel. At first, it was cute to witness how my best friends were bonding and falling for each other. Then it became a little gross. Pet names and French kissing was not that fun to watch when we organized a Netflix marathon together. I swear, it was hard to concentrate with all of their romance going on.

A few months later, their relationship became a very weird blur of fights and disregard. I tried to remain impartial, but they didn’t make it any easier. Things got complicated, messy and ultimately, they broke up. Most of us have been the third wheel at some point. It’s not the best place to be but it does have its silver linings too. These are some of the good and not-so-cool things I learned from being that hideous companion.

From time to time, they will try to get you to pick sides

Classic. He wants to watch the latest Batman movie. She wanted to go to her cousin’s party. None of them wants to do what their significant other wants. Of course, being stuck in the middle means you will have to decide what to do because they aren’t capable of doing so. Since you're their friend and you're there, you must help them out. Or at least decide who will hate you less for choosing their partner's option).

Your friends will teach you the dos and don'ts of relationships

A very good way to learn something new is by simple observation. While being the third wheel, you can watch a lot of stuff that may help you later in life with future relationships. If he got mad about something she said to him, you get to understand why these discussions happen, and better than that, how to fix them. Sure, there will be things that won’t help at all, but learning from love has its benefits.

They're always trying to hook you up with one of their single friends

You're not the only one who’s uncomfortable here. The happy couple loves hanging out with you, but sometimes they'd be having more fun if, let’s face it, you weren’t there. Since they assume you’re lonely and miserable, they feel responsible for your single status. Which eventually leads to them setting you up with a random date and you having the worst time ever, trying to make it work for your friends but honestly wanting to run away.

PDA and inside jokes that make everything more uncomfortable

The worst thing about being the third wheel is PDA. And don’t take me wrong. Kissing, hugging, and loving each other isn’t a bad thing at all. The actual issue is watching and/or listening to these lovely public displays of affection on a regular basis. Good luck trying to ignore the sound of them French-kissing next to you.

It could be worse… like, being the fifth wheel

Being the third wheel may get lonely and remind us how single we are. But for sure, it can also help you feel like home when you’re with them. They take care of you and help you out with anything, because both of them care. And trust me, it can get worse than this. Far from hanging out with two friends that are dating, you could actually be within the same situation, but with more people reminding you how single and lonely you are.

Of course, being the third wheel can get boring, awkward, or even annoying. Though it has its perks, in the end it’s not that fun. Can we do something about this? Well, besides saying no when invited to be third wheel, we can also do the same as them and date someone.


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