Why Water Is The One Thing That Will Actually Make A Difference In Your Skin

Why Water Is The One Thing That Will Actually Make A Difference In Your Skin

Water is essential for hydrating our body cells and getting rid of unnecessary toxins. If it can do that for your body, imagine what it can do for your skin.

Nowadays we're living a boom of skincare and makeup trends. You just have to look at the Internet and see how every day there's a new product or a new routine. Sometimes the demand is so high that once you've managed to save some money to buy the latest moisturizer or eyeshadow palette, there's something better out there, making it kind of useless, and thus you're in the middle of a vicious cycle that doesn't seem to be ending anytime soon. 

Perhaps this is all part of a scheme to rip all of our money, but actually, our skin does need a lot of care because of the world we live in. I mean, we're surrounded by polluted air and dirty particles that go directly into our skin pores. There are also odd weather changes drying our skin, and of course let's not forget all the chemicals in the food we're consuming. So, yes we need something to deal with this, and no, no matter how much I love buying this stuff, spending hundreds on a cream isn't always the most convenient solution. Actually, there's something that does wonders for your skin and it's actually very accessible: the complex H2O chemical composition of water. Yes, as simple as that.

Why Water Is The One Thing That Will Actually Make A Difference In Your Skin 1

So what about this essential liquid we sometimes take for granted? I’ve selected three types of affordable water you can use in your beauty routine that will make you save a lot of money and actually will make your skin look the best you’ve ever seen. Seriously, it’s like magic. 

Sparkling (carbonated) water

Yes, believe it or not, sparkling or carbonated water has a lot of benefits besides mixing our drinks. Its natural effervescent effect helps you tighten your skin and make it firmer. The bubbles help remove dead skin cells and purifies the pores (yes, it’s the whole package). If this wasn’t enough, the high amount of carbon helps deliver oxygen to your deeper skin layers, making it work from the inside out. This natural tightening process can actually help you reduce considerably those puffy areas of your skin without having to use any extreme and invasive method. This will make your skin look smoother and brighter. There’s nothing like a fresh glowing skin, and if it’s natural, the better. Now, I know it sounds magical and you’ll probably want to try it every day. Please don’t! Although all its components are completely natural, it’s best to just apply it (or actually submerge your face for 10 to 15 seconds) only twice a week. The bubbles and the minerals used excessively can actually irritate your skin. Keep it simple.


Bottled water

Now, you might be wondering why would you use bottled water when you can use the one from your tap. Well, there’s a catch. I’m sorry to tell you that’s basically one of the worst things you can do. The water that comes out of your faucet contains a set of chemicals that can do more damage to your skin than actually helping it. For instance, chlorine, fluoride, minerals, and other heavy metals (iron, copper, zinc, and nickel). This assuming that there isn’t any other toxic substance out there (I mean, pipelines aren't extremely hygienic). This type of water dries out the skin, so you even if you are hydrating it with some of the natural elements of water, you’re also making it extremely dry, not to mention that tap water can also irritate it and produce itchiness and inflammation. 

Why Water Is The One Thing That Will Actually Make A Difference In Your Skin 2

This, of course, doesn’t mean that from now on you should shower with bottled water. I mean there’s no pocket that can afford that (well there are, but for us mortals that’s not a solution), but you can use it for specific parts of your routine as you would do with cleansers, like setting your makeup, or even to remove it. You’ll see that bottled water is your best option, since another terrible consequence of the substances in tap water is that they absorb all the natural oils of your skin, making it even drier and dull. But to avoid these effects, you can wash your face with clean mineral water after you take a shower and then apply some oil. Most of these oils are low-cost, and they can be easily found at drugstores. You just have to know which one is the best for your skin type.


Micellar water

Although there are very affordable options of micellar water, this is a little bit more expensive than the previous two. This particular type contains a high level of fatty molecules that work as a magnet to pick up unwanted substances, including makeup, and grease. Since it doesn’t really have any alcohol, soap, or other strong substances, it doesn’t really dry your skin. On the contrary, it freshens and cleans it quite easily, giving you that glowing effect we all aim for.


Why Water Is The One Thing That Will Actually Make A Difference In Your Skin 3

Drink it!

Finally, as a bonus tip, just drink water. You’ve most likely heard this everywhere. Drinking the proper amount of water not only helps hydrate the body so that all the organs work properly, but it will bring endless benefits for your skin. It’s kind of logical. If all the cells are well hydrated, that will be seen on a fresh and healthy skin. One of water’s properties is to get rid of most of the toxins in the body, including your skin cells, of course. But beyond that, it helps the body transport and process all the nutrients you need. This will help your skin look better, and it will have a huge impact on your general health as well.


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