Get closer to your partner and get physically stronger at the same time by practicing these yoga poses.

In today's fast-paced society, the practices of meditation, yoga, and mindfulness, all of which promote a more conscious way of life, are becoming very popular. More yoga studios are opening around the world, and every day there are more initiatives that raise awareness about its health benefits.

For beginners, the practice of this physical activity from India might seem very easy and even boring, but in fact, you will experience the benefits as soon as your body starts moving and you become more conscious of every single part of your body: from the soles of your feet touching the ground, the way to breath correctly, and how strong you need to be to hold a pose for a few seconds. It's not easy at all. But, have you ever thought about practicing it with your significant other? This can be a way to bring you closer and also to understand that, as a couple, you can work as a team. In fact, the word yoga in Sanskrit means "to join or unite, symbolizing the union of body and consciousness."

So, besides becoming stronger, here you have some other benefits of practicing yoga with your partner.

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It strengthens your bond as a couple.

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It makes you more aware of the present.

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It improves sperm quality.

A study by the All India Institutes of Medical Science conducted with 200 men who practice yoga daily showed that the DNA quality of their sperm increased due to a better oxygenation and a reduction in stress and anxiety levels, increasing fertility levels.

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It helps develop your trust in each other.

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You'll burn more calories.

According to a UK study, when you practice any sport with a partner, you might burn an average of 41 calories more per session. That's what I call motivation!

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It fosters intimacy in the relationship.

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You'll feel happier.

One of the many benefits of yoga is it makes you more conscious of the present. Therefore, when you are aware of everything that surrounds you (sounds, smells, feelings, emotions, and sensations), you realize that you don't need more than what you have at that moment and you might experience the awesome feeling of happiness. And what if you realize that the present moment with your partner, that unique moment of connection and togetherness, is the best you can have? Believe me, it's something worth experiencing, so give it a try!


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