10 Common Habits That Might Be Ruining Your Skin

We’ve all made some of these mistakes, so it’s better to know them now and change, add, or completely avoid some steps in our skincare routine to improve it.

Being healthy means taking care of different aspects of your well-being, including your body, mind, diet, among other parts of yourself. Skincare is an essential part of this, not just because it's part of your beauty routines, but simply because it's a part of your body that’s highly exposed to all sorts of particles in the environment, weather changes, UV rays, and other external factors that could affect and damage it. Nonetheless, either in our attempts to take care of it or in our neglect towards it, we might be doing more harm than good. We’ve all made some of these mistakes, so it’s better to know them now and change, add, or completely avoid some steps in our skincare routine to improve it.

Going to bed with your makeup on

Especially when you get home late from a party, you just want to go to bed and doze off as soon as your head hits the pillow. However, it’s very important to take a few minutes to remove your makeup, not only to avoid waking up with your face sticky and greasy because of all the makeup you left on it, but more importantly, so that your pores don’t get clogged, which can lead to inflammation. Also, if you often wear different layers of makeup, it’s important to make sure that you’ve removed them all, so a double cleanse is your safest bet, that is, removing makeup with a remover and then washing your face as you normally would.


Not washing your face at night

By the end of the day, your face is probably full of dirt and other particles from the environment, especially if you live in a city. Therefore, nighttime is the best time for you to get rid of all that debris that is clogging your pores. When you don't clean your face, it could get dehydrated and become more prone to breakouts. To wash your face, look for the right cleansers for your skin type.

Over-cleansing or over-exfoliating

Now, let’s go to the complete opposite of the previous mistakes. Let’s say that you take so much care of your skin that not even on your worst drunken night you would forget your skincare routine. In fact, you clean your face more than twice a day and exfoliate every day. I’m afraid that complete dedication to your skin can damage it even more. For instance, when you over-exfoliate, you can make your skin more sensitive than it really is, dry it, or irritate it. The same goes for over-cleansing, which can cause breakouts when used in excess due to the dryness they cause. Stick to the basics: clean your face every morning and night, and exfoliate it once a week.


Avoiding cleansing oils

I know that the idea of applying oils on your skin might sound a bit contradictory at first, especially if you have oily skin, which is more prone to breakouts. However, cleansing oils actually clear your pores and don’t leave a residue. Just remember that, like with other skincare products, you shouldn't use too much: you only need three drops, and then massage them into your face to leave it glowing and clean.

Washing your face with hot water

While the steam of hot water can open your pores and allow your skin to absorb the products better, washing your face with hot water can dry your skin. Instead, use lukewarm water, and if you want to remove any residues from the products you’ve applied, cold water will close your pores and tighten your skin to prevent wrinkles from appearing. 

Popping your pimples

I know how tempting it is to pop that hideous pimple that looks like a new third eye appearing on your face. However, as awful as it looks, it’s better to wait for it to dry. Not only can it leave a scar, but worse, it could cause an infection because it’s full of bacteria and other impurities that could go deep into your pores when you pop it. So, either you leave it in the hands of a dermatologist or, if you feel like it’s about to pop, wash your face with a clean washcloth and let the pressure drain it.

Not cleaning your neck

Most of the time, we’re so focused on our face that we forget about another important section of our skin that gets as exposed as the face: our neck. This is especially harmful when you apply foundation on that zone. It can be a bit difficult to clean this zone with water, so cleansing wipes are great to remove all the dirt.


Not wearing sunscreen

UV rays are one of the things that harm your skin the most. Not only do they leave spots and make it age faster, but they can also cause skin cancer. So, if you're going outside, it’s important to apply sunscreen after you wash your face. Nevertheless, there’s a small issue with wearing sunscreen every day: it can clog your pores, especially if you spend all the day in closed environments. For those cases, you can go for creams, oils, or serums that include sunscreen or protect your skin from UV rays.

Not sleeping or eating well

You might clean your face twice a day, exfoliate it once a week, never touch your pimples, and make sure you completely remove your makeup, but none of that will help if you don’t take care of other essential aspects of your daily routine like sleeping and eating. Eating lots of junk food, sugary food, or depriving yourself from sleep can affect your skin, causing breakouts or drying it. So, pair your skincare routine with a healthy lifestyle and you’ll see real changes.


Applying anything you hear to routine

Last but not least, remember to take every beauty trend or advice with a grain of salt. Not all skin types are the same, so the products that might have helped your BFF have baby soft skin might dry yours or cause an allergic reaction. So, before you incorporate any products your friends have told you about or that you’ve seen on the internet, go to a dermatologist to see whether it’ll help your skin.



Sometimes improving the general well-being of your skin requires some trial and error to see which product works best for you. However, to avoid nasty slip-ups or damaging your skin, see what type of skin you have and which products are the best for them.


Photos by Noah Buscher