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Britney Spears calls out brother: “No family would do what you guys did to me”

Por: María Isabel Carrasco Cara Chards 15 de junio de 2022

After Bryan Spears’ absence at Britney’s wedding was revealed, there was a lot of talk on social media about what had happened, until Britney made a post on IG.

In a lengthy post published unexpectedly, Britney Spears explained the absence of her brother at the wedding she celebrated a few days ago.

The media asserted that Bryan Spears would be the only member of Britney’s family in her union with Sam Asghari.

However, in his absence, Bryan’s girlfriend said that they missed because the same day had been the graduation of Lexie, the daughter of the implicated in the affair and that they were very sorry not to have attended.

But Britney published a statement that denied everything, a post in which she shreds her family and especially her brother which she assured, he was not even invited to her wedding.

At the beginning of her publication, Spears assures that at her wedding she didn’t drink a drop of alcohol, in fact, she literally mentions that she doesn’t like alcohol very much.

In her post she speaks openly about what she poses as a possible nightmare regarding the guardianship she had to live and how her family took advantage of it:

“During the 13 years of conservatorship I was tested at least 3 times a week... in fact, I don’t even like alcohol,” she said.

She also emphasized how, during that time, her father and brother were allegedly enjoying bars while making her feel less - yes - while she worked tirelessly from stage to stage.

Another aspect of the letter arises when Britney claims that the police themselves made her feel lesser, and how badges also serve at times to bully others.

For Britney, the actions during the conservatorship tended more towards abuse, “you were never invited to my wedding, so why even respond?”

“No family would do what you guys did to me,” the letter ends and then says goodbye with strong words that we will not mention here.

The Instagram post has been erased.

Story originally posted on Cultura Colectiva

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