The Hair Color You Must Try If You Love Pink Shades But Hate Bleaching

The Hair Color You Must Try If You Love Pink Shades But Hate Bleaching

Bright and intense neon colors are trending but not everyone wants to go full on with this bold look, so we've found that chocolate mauve merges this bold look with other more subtle elements.

I'm all for vibrant hues when it comes to hair and the more intense the better. But are they wearable in an everyday context and is it healthy for our hair? Not so much. The thing with fantasy colors is that they demand a lot of patience and care, and let's face it, not all of us have limitless amounts of patience and time when it comes to haircare. I myself decided to go for a rainbow balayage about a year ago when the trend was at its peak, and I promised myself I would take the best of care and for about a month I was very diligent, retouching each strand of color every week. But as time went by, I stopped retouching it and by the second month it didn't look so good. So, I decided to look for a hair color that was bold and didn't require that much care and I came up with this beautiful chocolate mauve color.

chocolate mauve hair color

Constantly bleaching and coloring can damage your hair so badly that you might be forced to cut it. Chocolate mauve incorporates lovely pink tones with chocolate and it won't put your hair under that much duress. In my experience, it doesn't require that much retouching and treatments to make it shiny.

chocolate mauve hair color

I believe this particular trend suits dark hair the most. It is the perfect option for brunettes who want to take advantage of the bright balayage trend with a flattering and wearable palette, which suits most skin tones.

chocolate mauve hair color

Chocolate mauve is to a balayage in terms of technique and doesn’t require very harsh bleaching. Here, instead of making the pink pop, it’s a subtle hue that works more as a complementary color, adding light and warmth to your hair with a romantic twist. Given that the pink color is not as bright or intense, when it begins to fade, it will look almost rose gold in tone.

chocolate mauve hair color

Although I said that this doesn’t require as much bleaching, it's true that the darker your hair color, the more bleach it will need. Because of this, it requires a thorough coloring technique to lighten some of the locks, it’s very important for you to look for a good colorist that will know what rose and chocolate hue goes best with you.

The Hair Color You Must Try If You Love Pink Shades But Hate Bleaching 1

Even when the process might be a bit long and meticulous, once it’s done, you won’t really need to put a lot of time and effort to keep the effect and color. Just the regulars when you dye your hair:

  1. Trim your hair in advance so that you color only healthy hair
  2. Use some hair masks and treatments one month before to protect it in advance
  3. A good protecting shampoo
  4. Heat protector
  5. Avoid washing it that regularly and use only cool water

The Hair Color You Must Try If You Love Pink Shades But Hate Bleaching 2

All in all, I do believe chocolate mauve will be one of those trends that will be around for a lot of time and a very original, modern, and fun option for those who don’t like extreme changes.

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