Evoke The Sophisticated Style Of Hollywood’s Divas With This Classy Chic Look

Evoke The Sophisticated Style Of Hollywood’s Divas With This Classy Chic Look

Audrey Hepburn, Grace Kelly, Marlyn Monroe, Liz Taylor, all had a unique beautiful glamorous look. Here's how to embrace that style through very simple and easy steps.

I love watching films from the fifties mainly to admire it stars' amazing style. These divas managed to have very simple and subtle looks that highlighted their natural beauty. Who doesn’t loves the amazing style of Audrey Hepburn, Grace Kelly, or Liz Taylor? Their beauty didn’t only rely on their features, it was the elegance they exude what made them such goddesses-like characters that even after decades we’re still admiring and trying to look after. It’s true that makeup today focuses on more elaborate and showy styles, but no matter how crazy trends might get, they all have some of the most iconic classy styles of the past century (like the cat eye). So, without further ado, today we’re going to see how to evoke this nice and sophisticated look in an easy and very natural way.

Evoke The Sophisticated Style Of Hollywood’s Divas With This Classy Chic Look 1


Get that natural glow in your skin:

For this look, the protagonist is your own skin, and although makeup can really cover up all those annoying blemishes, if we don’t have a healthy skin, no matter how sleek your makeup is it’ll look dull. So, the trick to get that radiant glow is to have a consistent beauty routine. Besides that, before applying makeup I like prepping my face. I generally use any essential oil or face cream about fifteen minutes before even starting so that I give my skin a chance to soak the product and close the pores. You’ll immediately feel your skin more fresh and alive, seriously, I’m not kidding. Now, you can start with your makeup routine. 


Prime your face make your makeup last longer:

The main purpose of priming the skin is to create a coat that protects your face from all the products you’re going to apply. This also prevents your natural oils from actually vanishing and make your foundation look cakey. However, if you’ve actually prepped your face and you’re only wearing this for a couple of hours you can actually skip the primer. Here’s is more of a preference step, you can either start by applying concealer and then blend it with your foundation if you want to cover your under eyes more, or the other way around to bring a natural light to the features you want to highlight.


Evoke The Sophisticated Style Of Hollywood’s Divas With This Classy Chic Look 2

Get that sultry glamorous eye look:

It’s really important for you to prime your eyes when you’re using eyeshadow to avoid our natural oils from smudging the pigments. You can use any eye primer, your concealer, or even your foundation. As an extra tip, if you have very oily skin, you can apply loose powder on the lid (to soak the oil), then your primer, and then another coat of powder. After you’ve primed I recommend applying a transition color (a light or neutral color) to bring dimension to the eye and make it look bigger and wider. If you want a more dramatic look, you can add some dimension with a fluffy blending brush and a brown shadow applying it right in the crease with circular motions.

With the black liner of your preference (it could be gel, liquid, pencil or even shadows) create a sharp line in the upper lid. If you want to add some edge to this classic look, you can go for a sleek double winged line. With a dark brown shadow and a thin synthetic flat brush press right in the lash line to make your eyes pop. It was a trend back then (and still today) to rock some long natural-looking lashes. Hepburn actually applied coats of mascara and then separated lash by lash with a needle or sharp pin. You don’t actually have to do this, instead, you can put some false lashes or just go heavy with a good mascara that doesn’t create clumps.


Evoke The Sophisticated Style Of Hollywood’s Divas With This Classy Chic Look 3

Final touches:

Finally, you just have to add some details to round this look. Apply some pink blush on the apples of your cheeks to bring that natural gorgeous blush. You can add some highlighter that can really make any look pop and shine. Finally, round everything with an intense cherry color.


To finish the look, make sure that your eyebrows are looking as sleek as your makeup. To do so, fill in your eyebrows with shadow or a brow pencil and set them on the brow gel of your preference. To make it last all day and night (but more importantly to make it look dewy and glowy), you can set the whole makeup with a setting spray or fix plus. 

Evoke The Sophisticated Style Of Hollywood’s Divas With This Classy Chic Look 4


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