Do Clit Piercings Guarantee Better Orgasms?

Do Clit Piercings Guarantee Better Orgasms?

Clit piercings are as ancient as piercings themselves. However, these are the only ones that are basically done for functional purposes instead of purely aesthetic.

I’ve never been too fond of piercings, even when I’ve had them before yet I've always been curious about genital ones. It’s not that I want one, actually it gives me goosebumps just to think about it. And for that reason, I finally made the decision to research and ease my interest. One of the things that stands out to me is that the vast majority of people don’t actually opt for genital piercings out of an aesthetic purpose but actually as a measure to improve their sexual experiences. This is that this is a practice that is as ancient as piercing themselves. So, let’s find out what’s the deal with this and if they really guarantee the best orgasms.

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As I just mention, the origins of genital piercings are quite ancient, one of the first documented evidence is found in the Kama Sutra (around the 2nd century), and just for the same reasons people get them today, these were seen as methods to increase the sexual pleasure. Now, let’s focus on clitoris piercings. There are two types that consist of basically the same and these are vertical and horizontal. Both types are made in the clitoral hood, not actually on the organ or the glans. The idea or logic behind these is that since the piece goes through the length of the hood it actually gets in total contact with the glans it protects so whenever it gets erected the piece stimulates it and increases the sensation. However, there’s a difference between both types and according to piercers the one that works best for this purpose is the vertical one since it reaches the organ better than the horizontal that’s placed above.

So, yes, it can actually improve your sexual experience though it’s not a guarantee of orgasms at all. Sex isn’t as simple as just stimulation and you actually need to explore and know your body to see what works for you. This is important since I really saw a lot of information in which people were actually complaining because they didn’t get the so-called “promised” sensations. The problem was that a lot of people do think it’s a magic tool that automatically will increase and improve their sexual experience when, in reality, you have to learn how to make the best of it and even see if this is something that will actually work for you. This isn’t for everybody and I’m talking quite literally. It’s a fact that not all clits are actually suitable for this particular piercing since not all of them have the needed amount of skin or tissue to hold the piece.

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Besides that, there are some risks to be taken into account before making an appointment or even worrying if you are suitable for this type of piercing. The first and obvious thing you actually must consider is that it can be a really painful procedure since it’s literally piercing one of those tissues with the most nerve endings in the body. So, it might increase the sensations in the area but if your pain scale isn’t that high, probably it’s best to find another option to improve your sexual experiences. In a related subject, it’s also crucial to go with a professional piercer specialized in clitoris piercings because it’s one of those procedures where the slightest mistake can actually bring about lot of issues in the area, or even end up in permanent nerve damage.

Leaving that aside, there are other risks that don’t really depend on who you go to but due to the nature of the piercing. As with any of these you are prone to infections related to hygiene or even the environment. That’s why it’s recommended that for at least one to two months after the procedure you don't go swimming or get into a jacuzzi. At the same time, while you can have sex, it’s not that recommended because the wound isn’t completely healed so you’re prone to hurting yourself or getting an STI. I read a lot of comments claiming that having genital piercings increases the risks of contracting STIs. It’s actually not entirely true. We are all at risk of getting one if we’re not cautious enough. What happens with these piercings is that you have to be extra careful since condoms can get stuck in the piece and break. But other than that, it’s basically the same risk anyone has.

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To conclude with this, being a delicate procedure you really have to think it through and be convinced this is something you’re willing to put up to since it requires a lot of commitment and care. Other than that, if you know how to use it in your favor, as we commented, it seems that it can actually be a great boost to spark your sexual encounters and improve your sexual life in general, which is something basically we all want, isn’t it?


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