8 Refreshing Summer Dinner Recipes Perfect For A Pool Party

Here are some fresh dinner ideas that go perfectly with a sunny summer pool party. They are so easy to make that they won’t take more than an hour to prepare.

Pool parties are one of those events we all want to organize or attend as soon as summer and its precious sun arrive. Now, the last thing you think about when planning a pool party is food. A couple of snacks, some drinks, and that’s it, right? Well, while making some hot dogs and buying some chips can be quite an easy and fast way to feed your guests, it’s definitely not the most appealing food to get after you’ve been under the sun all day and you’re all wet from being in the pool.

Maybe it’s just me, but the things I crave the most at pool parties are dishes you can eat easily without making a mess, and more importantly, cold options to cool you off. With that in mind, this menu is a winner. Not only will your guests be delighted by the exquisite dishes, but they’ll also be amazed by your culinary skills with this easy and delicious menu for the best pool party.


Avocado salad

You can never go wrong with avocado in any presentation, so I bet this Mediterranean salad won’t last much. You’ll just have to dice the avocados, add a bit of olive oil, your favorite balsamic, a little feta cheese, diced tomatoes, red onion, and your preferred seasoning (though a little salt and pepper goes a long way). Serve it with some tortilla chips and see how it’s gone in less than 10 minutes.

Bruschetta with tomato

Another great and easy appetizer are these simple yet delicious bruschettas. You can buy them at the supermarket or make them yourself by slicing a thin baguette and roasting them in the oven. For the topping, you’ll need mashed tomatoes sprinkled with sea salt, pepper, a bit of balsamic, and olive oil.


Salmon sandwich toast

Another great appetizer can be this healthy salmon toast. You can get thin bread at the supermarket and you’ll just need to toast it a little bit to add a nice texture and keep the salmon from soaking the bread (you can also use mini bagels, if you want). Add a bit of cream cheese, olive oil, capers, and a slice of smoked salmon, and you’ll have a delicious gourmet snack.

Mexican shrimp aguachile

For your main course, I recommend this delicious Mexican dish known as aguachile. It’s a fresh and flavorful dish that will be a hit at your party. First, you’ll have to make the sauce by blending a cup of lemon juice, one or two green serrano peppers (you can take out the seeds if you don’t want it to be spicy), some coriander leaves, salt, and lemon. Then, add previously cleaned and peeled shrimp. Add diced cucumber and some sliced red onion for more flavor. Let it sit for at least half an hour. The lemon will cook the shrimp while also enhancing the flavor of the pepper and the coriander. Serve it with a bit of avocado and tortilla chips.


Pesto pasta

Next to the aguachile, you can serve a delicious, cold pesto pasta. To keep the freshness of the menu, you can add some of the ingredients you used in your avocado sauce to make it more Mediterranean. For example, you can add some feta or fresh cheese, diced tomato, and olive oil (I don’t recommend balsamic since the pesto will already give you the unique flavor you’re looking for).

Fruit salad

For dessert, you don’t want to serve something that heavy, so a nice fruit salad can be a nice touch to change flavors and leave a nice taste on your mouth. Choose fruits that go well together, like watermelon, strawberries, some citrus. It’s up to you.



Also, a sweet sorbet can be a nice and light choice to close your dinner. You can have a sorbet bar with different flavors and some fruit toppings to make it even prettier and tastier.

Besides being fresh dishes that go perfectly with a sunny summer pool party, they are so easy to make that they won’t take you more than an hour to prepare. Also, they’re so light that your guests won’t feel all heavy and will be able to go back to the pool earlier than with any random snack you can prepare.


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