25 Matching Halloween Costumes You Have To Try With Your Significant Quadruped-Other

Do you think your doggo has what it takes to rock a Halloween costume? Why not match outfits with them in a cool and original way?

It’s that time of the year again, when we have to start looking for a creative contest-winning costume. And let me tell you, there’s nothing more awesome than smart, matching costumes. And even better than that, matching costumes with none other than your favorite doggo. I mean, what’s cooler than showing your special bond through amazing costumes? Nothing really! Here are some really cool ideas from your favorite movies, TV series, and even random things you see in your daily life, that will make you and your fluffy friend rock your parties.

These Things will not bite you. They want to have fun. Meet Thing Two and Thing One!

Mopping in aisle two

But grandmother, what big eyes do you have!

Wally and the lookalike dude you always think is Wally

Scooby Dooby Do, is that you?

“Tail” as old as time, indeed!

It’s-a me! Mario… and Luigi

Daenerys Stormborn of the House Targaryen, First of Her Name, the Unburnt, Queen of the Andals and the First Men, Khaleesi of the Great Grass Sea, Breaker of Chains, and Mother of Doggos

You know nothing Dog Snow!

Elementary my dear Dogson

If my calculations are correct, when this baby hits 88 miles per hour... you're gonna see some serious shit… perhaps literally…

My paws look so yummy!



Help, Popeye! Save me!... My hero!

My only true love, darling. I live for furs. I worship furs! After all, is there a woman in all this wretched world who doesn't?

You can only get past Fluffy by playing music… And maybe giving it some treats

Fly my pretty, fly!

Gotta catch your pup!

OOMPA LOOMPA DOOMPADEE DOO, your dog looks cooler than you’ll ever do.

E.T. phone home

Shut up and take my bone bites!

My name is Dug. I have just met you, and I love you.

Mr. PupIncredible

 “Alaay loo ta nuv” (celebrate your love… for your pup!)

Do you want yours extra fluffy?

These are some really cool and cute ideas for you to dress up with your best friend. And the best part is you can also try these with your cats! Show us which one you picked.


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