The Test That Will Reveal How Your Darkest Personality Will Help You Succeed In Life

Even dark traits in your personality can help you succeed in life from narcissism to machiavellianism.

We all have a dark side, that dark strand not everyone gets to chance see. And thankfully they won’t and hopefully they never will. Even though it’s a tiny portion, we'd rather keep that part to ourselves. And it’s okay; it’s not like we’re going to do something about it and become the next Charles Manson. As a matter of fact, it’s a good thing to have certain level of darkness, because those personality traits that are often seen as dangerous, can turn out to be advantageous for our own benefit as well.

These evil characteristics we hope that are not in our genetic make up can finally be measured thanks to the “dark triad.” This is a subject in psychology that focuses on three personality traits: Narcissism (grandiosity, pride, and a lack of empathy), Machiavellianism (manipulation and exploitation of others), and Psychopathy (continuing antisocial behavior, impulsivity, and selfishness).

Do you like to manipulate others? Do you relish those moments when you're getting your way?

Research on the dark triad has been used in applied psychology, especially within the fields of law enforcement, clinical psychology, and business management. According to recent studies, people scoring high on these three traits are more likely to commit crimes, create social distress, and create severe problems in their workplace.

Because of this, not so long ago, a group of scientists attempted to create a test to reveal how much of this dark triad was actually within us. The study was held by psychologist Delroy L. Paulhus, at the University of British Columbia in Canada. After the research concluded, Paulhus found out that, in fact, these three traits can be detected in people with successful and meaningful results.

How many times have you plotted revenge and carried it out?

When you read each of the triads you cannot help but recoil a little in disgust but you know a tiny voice inside your head is telling you that you do, perhaps infrequently, manifest some of the behaviors. So, if you want to make sure, take the test and find out. But first, you may wonder how you can actually apply these dark concepts into your daily life with success.

In social circles we all know there is a pack and a leader and if you wish to survive you need to make your voice be listened to. Nobody likes to be trampled and we all want to earn the respect of our peers, but sometimes in order to make this happen you need to incorporate a tiny amount of these dark elements into your daily life. It doesn't matter if it is at work or at school, there are moments you need to be self-centered, selfish, cunning, and heartless.

The Narcissist

When it comes to a Narcissist there is a clear lack of empathy and enormous amounts of pride, qualities we certainly don't want to see in ourselves. But, these features on lower doses can also spell good self-esteem. People that cast mild levels of narcissism can actually be great freelancers, because they won’t lack of self-love to believe in their own projects. Being the boss of themselves works perfectly fine with their personality.

The Machiavellian

For those emulating Machiavelli's prince, manipulation comes naturally and when it is controlled, it can be pretty useful. This personality is prone to be eloquent and easy-going with others. They can also turn out to be perfect bosses, for they will know what to say to their subordinates in order to achieve their goals.

The Psychopath

And last but not least, Psychopathy. One would think that selfishness and antisocial behavior would rule out any benefits, but these people can actually achieve more than they could possibly imagine. Mildly self-centered and apathetic people can give more insight into important matters without caring about what others have to say. These traits are ideal in the leadership section. Not getting too attached and having social acumen (even if it’s not actively used) can give impartiality for important matters.

Sure, dark traits may be focused on evil behaviors, but this is because we think of people have misused them. All in all, even our bleakest façade may be routed for a greater good. It’s more of a silver lining kind of thing. In the end, it’s up to us whether we let this obscure part of our personality negatively impact our lives.

If you still wish to take the test follow this link from the BBC.


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