10 Hair Color Ideas Inspired By Food That Will Make Your Hair Look Yummy

These amazing hair color trends will make your hair look so delicious.

In the last few years, hair has become the perfect canvas for colorists to create unique and crazy art. We’ve seen all sorts of trends on social media with really alluring and colorful designs inspired by all sorts of things. We’ve seen amazing trends inspired by the intricate patterns of nature, others that adopt the color combinations and forms of famous works of art, and today, as you got from the title, we’re going to take a look at one of my favorite things in the world: beloved and precious food. Are you a cereal lover? What about matching your hair with your favorite wine? No problem. If you can eat it, you can probably wear it as well. Without further ado, here are the most appealing and appetizing hair color trends inspired by our favorite food and drinks.

Cereal Hair

@hairbymisskellyo / @maryh.ott

As a person who eats cereal at least once a day (some days twice… oops), I can’t stress enough how much I love this. Imagine rocking a sugary-looking mane inspired by delicious Fruity Pebbles, or my all-time favorites, Lucky Charms? This really makes me hungry.


Salmon Sushi 

@jesstheebesttcolor / @iamlazykat

Created by L.A. colorist Jessica Gonzalez, this gorgeous pastel delicacy honors the famous sushi dish. She wanted to create a unique color based on the pastel trends, but with something more vibrant. To do so, she added some orange, yellow, and pink hues to make it flattering for all skin tones. This truly looks fresh and appealing.


Hot Toddy Hair

@bishwithbangs / @sloanstiles

When fall arrives, you see everybody going for chocolate and brownish hues that are cute, but honestly, not that original anymore. What about combining the color of your hair with your favorite fall and winter beverage? That’s right, now you can embrace and personify the amazing flavors of this Scottish favorite, with these hints of color.


LaCroix Can 


This flavored sparkling water has become the obsession of many out there to the point that you can now rock the vibrant and intricate patterns of its can objects on your hair. This has been a reality thanks to colorist Kristina Cheeseman, famous for her really detailed and amazing color combinations.


Mulled Wine 

@insightfulbeautyconcepts / @hairwaytokale

Continuing with the ideas inspired by tasty beverages, we can’t leave wine out of our list because, well, it’s delicious. For this season, one of the most popular wine combinations is what’s called mulled wine hair, inspired by the famous hot drink. It combines a deep red base with purple and brown shades to add dimension and depth. Definitely, a color that will make you feel so alive, just as mulled wine does in cold weathers.


Pumpkin Spice

@wellahair / @hellbentforhair

This particular color trend is perfect for people who want something fun and showy, while keeping it simple and traditional. Inspired by the beloved pumpkin spice, this trend combines an auburn orange shade with lighter highlights that don’t only evoke the delicious flavor, but also those colors of fall leaves.


Cake Hair

@kristinacheeseman / @shmeggsandbaconn

Cakes are definitely that tasty gift from life that can really lift our spirits, and with these particular color combinations, you’ll definitely feel alive and joyful. The first one, created by Cheeseman, is a rendition of the popular birthday cake with the sprinkles and everything. The second one, created by Megan Schipani, gives us her own take on the fresh and flavory lemon cake with those vibrant yellows.


Watermelon Hair

@arcticfoxhaircolor / @sashimimartini

Watermelons aren’t only delicious, they also have an amazing visual appeal like very few other fruits out there. This hair takes the amazing combination of pink/red with green to make our mouths water. I mean, I can’t even look at these without remembering that peculiar and delicious smell.


Peanut Butter and Jelly


This fall, one of the most viral hair color trends on social media is this take on the classic childhood treat: peanut butter and jelly. Combining berry colors with purples, and light browns, this isn’t only quite an appealing style, but also one that can be rocked by anybody even if you don’t like crazy colors.


Cotton Candy

@maayanbirnstein / @canvasboone

A candy or food list wouldn’t be complete without including the classic and traditional cotton candy. There’s something about this treat that makes it so visually appealing. The pastel colors and textures are something that makes us want to shove it all in our mouths, and these hair colors definitely give us those vibes. You can actually create color combinations with pastels just as those delicious and intricate cotton candy produced nowadays.


These amazing hair color ideas have made me extremely hungry. But before I leave you to go eat something delicious, let’s agree that these are really original ideas that, leaving food aside, can be really appealing and flattering. Most of these belong to the crazy color category, as I like calling them, but they’re so great that literally, anybody can rock them. Still, if you’re more of a toned-down kind of person, there are also other delicious ideas that will make you look so cool and original during this season.


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