7 Differences Between Being In Love And Feeling Sexual Tension

7 Differences Between Being In Love And Feeling Sexual Tension

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By: Olympia Villagrán

June 1, 2017

Lifestyle 7 Differences Between Being In Love And Feeling Sexual Tension
Avatar of Olympia Villagrán

By: Olympia Villagrán

June 1, 2017

After having sex on the stairs of a building, inside an elevator, and in the middle of a field under the rain, Scarlett Johansson and Jonathan Rhys Meyers became inseparable. Their relationship was all about kisses, nakedness, and sex, but when the protagonists of Match Point tried to leave their passionate side to face the real world as a "couple," things got out of control. None of them really knew each other that well, nor wanted to do so; the only thing they were interested in was the passion they shared. Then, the main characters of Woody Allen's film found out that the connection they felt when they were together wasn't really love, but sexual tension.

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Movies, literature, music, and art in general, have given us a long list of romantic stories and happy endings. But there are also stories where love doesn't prevail; instead, there's a lascivious magnetism and irresistible sexual energy that controls the characters.

Being confused between these two terms can sound silly, but it's actually very common to think we're in love when we're really hooked up with pleasure and the arousal we feel for a person.

Love vs. sexual tension

While being in love makes you feel happy and feel as if you were floating, sexual tension actually provokes an obsession that makes the relationship very demanding.

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Those who fall for someone suffer from a spiritual distance when they're not with that person. Sexual energy is based sensations so it causes a longing for the touch of the other's body.

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What makes you trust a person is not worshipping the sexual encounters shared, but the love and affection. 

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When you stop holding back and saying "I love you," is when you know that you really have fallen. If affection takes second place and your attentions is drawn to the physical aspects of the relationship, then you know you are likely to be lusting for the other person

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I know it's cliché, but feeling butterflies in your stomach and sensing how your heart speeds up are normal effects of infatuation or love. When you are enveloped in a physical relationship, well let's just say some other parts of the body are tingling with tension. 

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Being jealous when your partner is close to someone else is part of the instinct to protect the romantic bond that ties you to that person. On the other hand, feeling jealous of someone because you think they arouse your partner in a sexual way is a sign of a deep physical relationship. 

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Being afraid of losing your partner, even if there's no sign of that happening, shows that you're actually falling for that person. When we're only afraid of that person losing interest in our body or no longer being attracted to you, means that you're led by sexual tension.

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Naturally, the best thing is to find someone that can make us feel as if we were inside an erotic film by Lars von Trier and a Jane Austen novel at the same time. Many couples have learned to use the strongest aspects of their relationship to deal with their weaknesses. The truth is that we don't really have a lot of power in how, who, when, and where we're going to find love or spark a sexual tension, at least not in a conscious way.

Translated by María Isabel Carrasco Cara Chard