15 Different Ways To Make Coffee Only Real Connoisseurs Have Tried

15 Different Ways To Make Coffee Only Real Connoisseurs Have Tried

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There are plenty of ways to drink coffee, so here's a guide to know what to order next time you feel like stepping outside the box.

Drinking coffee is one of the most mundane pleasures to which we have access, but it's no walk in the park. It takes knowledge, time and willpower to learn about every way you can drink coffee out there. Here we have gathered some of the most common ways of drinking coffee, and some terms and definitions with which you should get acquainted. Are you a coffee maven? Here's your chance to prove it.

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Brewed coffee 

This is the most common way to make coffee. It only requires two parts hot water for one part coffee. It's also called drip-brewed coffee, filtered coffee, pour-over coffee, or simply coffee. 

Red Eye 

A popular drink in the United States, this drink combines the best of two worlds with one part common filter coffee, one part espresso shot.

Iced Coffee

Three parts regular coffee, one part coffee cream with a little sugar and ice. Iced coffee is particularly interesting because it's become an inside joke within the gay community, as per this GQ article.15 Different Ways To Make Coffee Only Real Connoisseurs Have Tried 1@woodville.workshop


This is the most popular way of drinking coffee in Italy. In essence, it's a shot of espresso.


A shot of espresso with a spoonful of foam.


A shot of espresso, crowned with a large amount of foam. The difference between Cappuccino and Macchiato, then, lies in the amount of foam, since Macchiato only requires a tablespoon.


A shot of espresso with a scoop of ice cream. These very popular varieties originated in Italy. 


A common way of drinking coffee in Spain and Latin America, especially after a meal. A shot of espresso combined with a shot of brandy, whisky, or even rum.15 Different Ways To Make Coffee Only Real Connoisseurs Have Tried 2@mauricio_reyes_photo


Also known as café de olla in Mexico, this is a coffee made by heating water, adding unrefined brown sugar, and then coffee. It comes from a region in Colombia called the Coffee Triangle which boasts the highest production of coffee in the country.


Germans invented this drink to keep them from cold winters in Berlin and Hamburg. It is made up of a shot of espresso, a sugar cube, two small portions of rum and whipped cream on top. The Eiskaffee, as the name suggest is something that you would like during in summer, for it's pretty much the same thing but with ice.15 Different Ways To Make Coffee Only Real Connoisseurs Have Tried 3

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Brauner Kaffee 

An Austrian coffee shop staple, this type of coffee consists of an espresso, accompanied by smaller cup with coffee cream and a glass of water. When you order a Brauner Kaffee in Vienna, you'll get a tray with those three things.

Cà Phê Trứng 

An unusual delicacy from Vietnam, where they add an egg yolk and condensed milk to a cup of filtered coffee.


This is what they have in Hong Kong, and it contains one part black coffee, another part black tea, and one part condensed milk. It's so popular, even Starbucks sells it.

Turkish Coffee

This is prepared in an ibrik, a pot where you put a cardamom seed, a tablespoon of ground coffee and water. Cardamom gives it a characteristic touch that you will not forget.15 Different Ways To Make Coffee Only Real Connoisseurs Have Tried 4@foto_ilham_yasam

Touba Coffee

Prepared with black pepper and clove, Touba coffee was originally served as part of rituals in Senegal. They say that the mixture helps people recite their prayers.

Which coffee type was the most interesting for you? Have you tried any of the most exotic ones? Do you a preferred a way of drinking coffee? Well, to be a true coffee maven, you should try them all.

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