20 Photos That Prove Double Bun Hairstyles Can Be Sophisticated

20 Photos That Prove Double Bun Hairstyles Can Be Sophisticated

If you're looking for an edgy, trendy, and youthful hairstyle to match your fashionable looks, double buns are the perfect choice for you.

You might think that double buns, also known as space buns, are just a comeback from our beloved nineties lookbook. Yet, despite this being trendy in that particular era, this is a style that has been around for centuries. You can find it in ancient Greek art, where women rocked amazing low double buns with a thin lock of curled hair, or the traditional niújiǎotóu style in China, which was later popularized by the Street Fighter character Chun-Li, or the odango buns famous in Japanese imagery. In recent times they've had a strong comeback, since celebrities have been rocking this hairstyle and social media is full of unique variations of this emblematic hairstyle. 

Now, I must admit that I had some doubts about this, especially when going for a sophisticated look, since I had always thought that this was a super casual hairstyle. However, after doing some research and actually trying it myself, I realized that there are many ways to embrace this style in a sophisticated, bold, and trendy way. If you’re also looking for some inspiration to rock double buns, here are some ways you can follow to take your hairstyle to the next level.

Twisted double bun

20 Photos That Prove Double Bun Hairstyles Can Be Sophisticated 1

This one is perhaps the one I find the most sophisticated because it mixes the modern double bun style with a classy vintage twist. The idea is to twist your hair until you reach almost the lower part of your head and create two buns. Now, sometimes with certain types of hair it’s difficult to keep the twist for hours, so you could actually replace it with a rope style that will secure your look. The trick is to start from the top of each side, divide a small section of hair into two, and twist each strand to the opposite side of the other a couple of times. Then you can actually intertwine them, add another strand of hair, and repeat until you reach the end. Definitely a very classy and unique look.


Inverted braided buns

20 Photos That Prove Double Bun Hairstyles Can Be Sophisticated 2

Well, braids can actually turn every hairstyle from bland to extraordinary. So, it’s a very popular style that combines buns with braids. For this particular look, the idea is to create a braid from the lowest part of your hair to create two top-knots. Now, getting the inverted braids isn’t easy, so you’ll require some practice to achieve them, but once you master them, you’re going to try to incorporate them in every look. The trick is to bend over and pull all your hair to the top of your head so that you can braid from the bottom to top. You can make any type of braid: French, Dutch, fishtail, basically the one you love the most. Secure it with an elastic band and pull apart each strand to add more volume. Create your buns, and you’re good to go.


Vertical double buns

20 Photos That Prove Double Bun Hairstyles Can Be Sophisticated 3

This one is a bit edgier and unique. Technically this isn’t really the regular double bun hairstyle, but literally speaking, it really is, and honestly I love how bold and unique it is, so I really had to include it. Besides that, this is a hairstyle that can actually be accomplished in under five minutes. You just have to divide your hair in two and create one bun on the top and other on the bottom. You can make it even more extra by adding some braids, creating a nice pompadour, twisting the upper part, or basically anything that comes into your mind. I think this is such a versatile style that you can perfectly combine it with both formal and casual outfits.


Half updo buns

20 Photos That Prove Double Bun Hairstyles Can Be Sophisticated 4

If you’re going for a more casual style, half updos can be your best options. These are actually the most popular nowadays. Although this is really simple, since you just have to create two buns in the top of your head with only a section of the hair, there are many ways to style it, from loose curls to messy buns. You just have to be creative with it.


Half braided buns

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Following the previous style, one perfect way to make it even more detailed and beautiful is by adding some braids. As with the inverted braids, you can go for your favorite type of braid, continue braiding all the section, and making the buns with it to give them a different look and more boho style. As I mentioned, when it comes to braids, my favorite part is pulling all strands loose so that they looks fuller and with more dimension.


Low braided buns

20 Photos That Prove Double Bun Hairstyles Can Be Sophisticated 6

Finally, in a similar style like the twisted buns, we’re going for a low style that, in my opinion, looks much more elegant than top-knots. Again, the idea is the same: creating two braids and finishing with the buns to make your style look more edgy and elaborate. For the buns, you can go for a messy or tight style, depending on your overall look and the outfit you’ve selected.


Buns will always be a nice and cute way to bring your style to another level. Now, double buns also have that peculiarity, but they always bring some sort of fun and juvenile style that will definitely be trendy for a while, so start practicing them and creating your own looks according to your personal style and personality.


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