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Girl Moves Her Hand Inside A Collapsed School Building: The Clock Is Ticking As They Try To Rescue Her

Por: María Isabel Carrasco Cara Chards 20 de septiembre de 2017

Mexico City has been shaken to the core by a devastating 7.1 magnitude earthquake. One of the areas that has drawn the most attention is the private school, Colegio Enrique Rébsamen, which has collapsed, leaving 26 people dead, 21 children and 5 adults. This school is located in the quarter of Coapa and people are gathering around the crumbling building, awaiting the possible rescue of a girl who shows signs of life. The little girl, who’s still trapped amid the debris of the building, moved her hand when the rescue squad asked her to do so; afterwards, a rescue dog confirmed the presence of a person inside the damaged school.

The rescue team inserted a thermographic scanner to analyze the temperature between the debris and see if there was any sign of life. The surrounding communities joined forces and offered volunteers, the rescue squads have asked them to remain to one side and in absolute silence in the hopes that more survivors can be heard and the voice of this small child.

*Photo: Twitter.

Aurelio Nuño, the Secretary of the Department of Public Education, went to the school to evaluate the damages to the building after the collapse. In an interview with Mexican news agency Noticieros Televisa, he stated that there are about 400 students enrolled, from kindergarten and elementary, to secondary levels.

He also added that there are about 212 schools that have been damaged around the city. From the 16 heavily damaged schools, Colegio Enrique Rébsamen was the most affected. The total sum of school buildings damaged after the earthquakes that occurred on September the 7th and 19th has now reached 5 thousand. The Department of Education has a school insurance and will need about 225,000,000 USD to repair all the damaged buildings.

* Photo: Twitter. Translation: Unity is the force

Students and staff were carrying out their normal activities before the quake began. The earthquake alarm went off at the same time the earthquake started. The school authorities tried to evacuate the children from the classrooms, but a part of the building collapsed, blocking one of the main exits. The rescue squad is working against time to try and save this girl, who has been trapped for over 24 hours now. According to other news reports there may be other survivors trapped inside. An announcement we all fervently hope is real.

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