A Simple DIY Guide To Making Your Own Solid Perfume And Lip Balm

A Simple DIY Guide To Making Your Own Solid Perfume And Lip Balm

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Many products in the beauty aisle at drugstores and supermarkets are super easy to make. Our collaborator Juliet Taylor shares with us these easy recipes to make lip balm and solid perfume, two of the most common beauty products yourself!

By Juliet Taylor

Peaceful means a lot of different things to people. For some, it's yoga, hiking, or meditation. For me, though, peaceful means getting my pans and pots out and making lip balm, solid perfume, eye cream, and deodorant. All of it organic. My soul starts to settle when I take my Pyrex bowl (which, by the way, I only use for these occasions, because wax ruins it, so, beware!), put it on top of a pot of water, and hear the sound of the water boiling. This is music to my ears.

A Simple DIY Guide To Making Your Own Solid Perfume And Lip Balm 1So, this is what you do. First, you melt the wax and the oil. This is where the real magic begins. I use essential oils and all-natural oils. I personally love lavender and jasmine essential oils. However, honeydew and black amethyst are also at the top of my list of favorites. I always order the natural oils from a wholesale online shop, where I usually get the best price. I use anywhere from 10-20 drops, depending on what tins or molds I’m using. Right now, I am working on cute little skull solid perfume bars. The mold is silicone and very versatile.

The instructions for both are very similar. What changes is the amounts and types of oil you will be using.

A Simple DIY Guide To Making Your Own Solid Perfume And Lip Balm 2

For solid perfume

1 Tbsp.  all natural oil

1 Tbsp. beeswax

10-20 essential oils drops; mix and match to get your unique aroma

For Lip balm

1 Tbsp. beeswax

1 Tbsp. shea butter

1 Tbsp. coconut oil

15 drops essential oil (peppermint is a good choice, but you do you)

My boyfriend once said that I can take nothing and make it into something. It is one of the nicest things anyone has ever said to me. So, once the oil and wax have melted, I pour it into my tins or silicone molds. It is better if I put the essential or natural oils directly into the tin or mold, so the smell is more noticeable. Once everything is dry, I take one and test it. I usually have success!

A Simple DIY Guide To Making Your Own Solid Perfume And Lip Balm 3

Now what to do with all this organic goodness? I have sold them at craft shows and churches. They have been wonderful events where I met lovely people and made new friends. I also participate in community days. My ultimate dream is to work steampunk events again. Dressing up at those events is half the fun! My peacefulness is making these wonderful things. It heals my soul and helps me rid the stress of the day. My daughter (who is turning two soon) loves wearing my lip balm.

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