6 Embarrassing Things That Can Happen During Sex

Take a look at some of the most embarrassing things that could happen during sex.

Having an awkward experience during sex is absolutely one of the worst things that could happen to us. We are so vulnerable (and horny) in that particular moment that the last thing we want is for an incident to spoil the fun we're having. Sex is about enjoying, and if by any chance something goes wrong, the mood of the moment may fade and never come back (at least until next time). Anything can happen while we are “getting it on”. We know there are lots of things that are out of our control, situations that may and could happen (and probably, at some point, will happen to all of us). Honestly, I think we should be okay with it. Embarrassing things will happen anyway, so just get over it and be happy with the fact that you are having sex at all.

I’m not diminishing the shame factor of having an embarrassing moment while having sex, but sometimes things won’t go the way we want to, and we will probably die a little inside. Sex it’s like a sweet treat after a month of dieting, but better. Nothing should go wrong during this time, and yet, inconvenient moments will still happen, so we might as well laugh it out and let it go. Out of curiosity, how awkward can it get? Well, some of the most uncomfortable things that can happen include:


We can cry during sex for different reasons. We can get emotional, too happy, or too sad. We might be enjoying the moment too much or cherishing it in a very intense way. We could also be in pain, depending on how kinky the sexy time gets. Or perhaps we’re just feeling ashamed because we’re not performing as we would like to. Tears can arrive unannounced for even no reason whatsoever, so just let your partner know the reason why you're crying before continuing.

Yelling inappropriate things

Yelling during sex can be a very energetic way to express our emotions, since it is so liberating and somehow delightful. The real issue revolves around the content. Swearing isn’t a bad thing, but, shouting out the name of your ex, comparing someone to another lover, or just screaming random phrases like “Johnny Rockets chilli cheese fries!”, can be embarrassing as hell. And worst, it could kill the mood.


It happens more often than we think. This particular condition is closely related to a biological response. Relaxing moments can relieve all of our muscles, including sphincters. While we may not notice it because we're in the heat of the moment, this accident can be easily avoided. Just go to the bathroom before having sex. It won’t take you more than a couple of minutes, and it may prevent an uncomfortable situation.

Falling asleep

Sometimes fatigue can be stronger than passion. And it’s okay, we're not all powerful. In this matter, much like the previous one, it’s all about preventing. If you're feeling too tired, don’t have sex. Not because I’m forbidding you to do so, but because the other person might feel left out, even unwanted. Be honest with yourself, if you need to take a nap first, do it by all means. It’s better than snoring while the other one is moaning, you know?


When it comes to sex, biology can be ironically our worst enemy. And if you’re not comfortable enough with your sex partner, farting can be an undesirable situation. The simple sound of a fart can be reason enough to kill the mood. Sadly, in this topic, there’s not much we can do about it. Apologize, and if you feel like it, laugh it out.

Hitting yourself (not on purpose)

With all the passion going on, we may forget that behind our head is the headboard, a wall, or even a door. Get as creative as you want. The point is that forgetting about places and spaces may lead to funny but humiliating injuries. There’s not much to say. Just be careful of the place where you're having sex to avoid these nasty accidents.


Well, there you have it. It’s not that terrible, right? I'm sure that at least one of these situations made you laugh while reading them. Or maybe, if you’ve been through one of these, you may cringe a little, and then had a laugh too. Going through any of these situations might be very embarrassing and awkward. But the least you can do is apologize and move on, because it's sex. Anything can happen, and in a way that's the charm of it: passionate vulnerability and complete unpredictability. So now close your computer, shut your phone, and go have sex. Don’t worry about anything else, okay?


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