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Isabela from ‘Encanto’ is gay according to her voice actress Diane Guerrero

Por: María Isabel Carrasco Cara Chards 17 de junio de 2022

Diane Guerrero, the actress that voiced Isabela in ‘Encanto,’ said that she knows “Isabela is gay.”

Disney has taken the big leap when it comes to diversity and representation in their newest film with Pixar, Lightyear. Although the movie has faced some controversies amongst conservative audiences and serious banning and censorship in 14 countries, most people have celebrated the company for taking that step in inclusion.

So far, most moments of LGBT+ inclusion had just been hints, extremely short glimpses, or messages between the lines. For many fans, Isabela from Encanto belonged to that category. As one of the most popular movies, Encanto sparked all sorts of content on social media, including endless theories about the characters. Some of them were wild while others seemed quite probable, the theory about Isabela’s identity was truly convincing.

Isabella from Encanto is gay. That’s it, that’s the tweet.

— Gemma Bird Matheson (@gemmabirdm) January 21, 2022

For fans, that scene where she reveals her true self and stops trying to be the perfect daughter to please the family seemed like the character was getting free from all (and they meant all) social constructs and norms piled upon her. Though the theory was widely refuted by other Netizens, it seems they weren’t that wrong after all since Diane Guerrero, the actress that gave Isabela her unique voice, has declared that she knows Isabela is gay,

In an interview with Entertainment Weekly, the actress was asked if they were already working on a sequel to the movie and where she’d like her character to go. She bluntly responded she “knew Isabela is gay” and would love to see that part of her identity unraveling on screen and see how the rest of the Madrigal family would react to that. According to her, seeing this character go in that direction would be meaningful.

Diane Guerrero talking about Encanto sequel and Isabela being gay. 🥹🥹🥹

— Mina (@Serranoclouds) June 2, 2022

Of course, none of these has been confirmed by Disney or the producers of Encanto, and although Guerrero clarified that this is just wishful thinking, she added that “as an actor and as a person who’s breaking free and starting to get to know her own sexuality” she can tell Isabela is part of the community.

Isabela wasn’t the only character from the movie fans were certain was gay. They also believed that Bruno, the estranged uncle was also part of the community and that was one of the reasons he ended up being banished by the family. However, when it comes to Bruno, no one has confirmed nor denied everything.

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