Types Of Erotic Kisses To Experience Sex In A Different Way

Types Of Erotic Kisses To Experience Sex In A Different Way

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By: Rodrigo Ayala

March 22, 2017

Lifestyle Types Of Erotic Kisses To Experience Sex In A Different Way
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By: Rodrigo Ayala

March 22, 2017

German writer Emil Ludwig once said that "the decision to kiss for the first time is the most crucial in any love story [...] because this kiss already has within it that surrender." We could add that sex is the supreme defeat of a body before another because we can blindly surrender to someone that is still a stranger to us in a carnal level. 

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Kissing is the sweetest demonstration of love but, at the same time, it's also one of the most wild erotic expressions. Through a tender grazing of the lips, we can start one of the most exquisite experiences in a physical and emotional level. The senses are intensified and we lose track of time and place. Hours can pass and lovers are still lost in the timeless immensity of passion. When they come back to reality, they only wish to experience that pleasant and sensual moment again.

What's a perfect kiss? It's the one that ignites desire and makes you get lost in lustful dreaminess but at the same time, it can take you to ecstasy without the need of sexual intercourse. Explore how can you experience the most gratifying sexual sensations just by knowing how and where to place your lips over your partner's body...

Tantric kiss 
An Indian millenary tradition, the tantra is a practice that teaches how to use sex as a way to reach spiritual illumination. Its precepts have been welcomed in Western cultures as a quest to increase carnal pleasure.

How can you give a tantric kiss? There must be a perfect alignment between the senses and our emotions. This kiss is more complex than just a simple joining of the lips: the lovers must be relaxed, look at each other attentively, and start a slow exploration of the other's lips. Caresses must be intimate and tender so they can transmit the desire kindling from within. Their breathing must be soft, controlled, and coordinated. Through taste, the lovers must explore the other's mouth, taste their saliva, and play with their tongues. This kiss makes the body experience supreme pleasure, since chakras get aligned through the exchange of energy. 

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Hidden kiss

Before or after starting the sexual encounter per se, open the legs of your partner and softly kiss their thighs. You can also use your tongue to increase the pleasure. For men, they can use their penis to go through their partner's thighs which can add a highly erotic sensation to the experience.

Secret kiss

Whisper in your partner's ear all the things you want to do. Combine your words with small kisses behind the ear and let the panting of your partner light the fire.

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Explorer kiss

Use your tongue as the perfect tool to tenderly explore the lips and mouth of your lover. Take your time and luxuriate in this exploration. 

Combined kiss
Kiss the lips of your lover in a passionate way using both hands and lips to fully arouse their body. Caress their waist and back with soft touches. 
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Fierce kiss

Kiss softly, energetically, with the tongue, without it... combine all the ways of kissing giving a final touch full of sensuality and eroticism. A bite in the bottom lip, for example, can immediately arouse your lover. 

Kiss in the jugular

The neck is one of the most erogenous zones of the body. You can approach this region to make your partner melt with passion. The most sensible area is the nape of the neck and the zone under the ears. You can explore their neck up to the shoulder blade.

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Kiss in the spine
The whole back is practically a constellation of sensible spots in which our lips can do an exhaustive journey. Let your soft control become an erotic experience for your partner. Take your lips and tongue to their shoulders and their hips. It's a guaranteed satisfaction that can lead to orgasm.

Sentences about kisses and sex:

I will make love to you every day through my kisses.

Having you by my side and not kissing you is as if I hadn't lived my day.

I want to make love to you while I write these lines.

We'll reach an orgasm that will start with a caress given with my tongue.

Today's a great day to surprise you, steal your body, and drown it in an ocean of kisses.

Dying imprisoned in your lips is my life's longing.

I like your kisses as much as I would hate to get away from you.

Translated by María Isabel Carrasco Cara Chards