5 Euphoria inspired eye looks that you can easily recreate in less than 10 min

The dramatic HBO series is back with another season and it has turned out to be a huge inspiration for every makeup lover out there who is definitely on the hunt for new looks to recreate ASAP.

Euphoria has finally another season to binge-watch. More drama, friendships, relationships, amazing outfits and of course, incredible makeup looks are now available on HBO's platform and most of us would love to be part of their cast just to dress and look as cool as every other character in the series does. But it is also not a secret that some of their makeup looks are very easy to recreate and that's why we've broken down 5 of the quickest eye looks that any Euphoria fan can achieve in less than 10 minutes from the comfort of their homes. 

Bright monochrome look

The easiest look ever and yet it looks fabulous for any party or photoshoot. You just need to take your favorite bright eyeshadow color, pack it onto your preferably primed eyelid and blend it all over the crease as if your life depended on it. Make sure that there are no sharp edges even though all the pigment is concentrated in there and definitely step out of your comfort zone with this creation.


Full-on eyeliner

For this one, you need to set your eyelid with a soft transition color. Do not pack too much since we just need a wash of color in order for the eyeliner to pop out even more. Then, either with dark eyeshadow, a pencil liner, or a liquid one. Make a thick line all across your crease and wing the outer part as much as you please. Finally, take the same pencil liner or shadow and smudge your lower lash line until you get a deep intense eyeliner look.

Neon cat-eye

Another easy one especially because you don't really need an eyeshadow base for it. All you gotta do is create a dark-winged eyeliner as you normally would and create the same shape for your lower lash line but for the inner corner of your eye. You can use any neon liquid liners, colored eye pencils, or even eyeshadows to get that pop of color and help yourself with a thin angled brush to achieve that precise cat-eye that you love.


Maddy´s Silver smokey cut-crease

Contrary to the previous looks, this is all about deep eyeshadow placement. You should start by defining your outer crease with a dark shadow that you can build up as much as you want, then take your lightest concealer and pack it from your inner corner to your middle crease and finally, load up on any shimmery shade you like on top of that sticky base you created.

Rue´s Glitter-wet look

To achieve this look, it is preferable that you use loose, fine glitter on top of any base color you like. First, blend your eyeshadow really well until you get a nice “background“ color for the glitter that isn't as strong as our first look nor as light as our second one (try to get a good in-between). Then, apply clear glitter glue mostly on your crease and lightly take it further on the rest of the eye. Finally, add all the glitter that you like without worrying about fallout since it is a messy yet gorgeous eyelook design.


As you can see, all of these looks are completely photogenic and can definitely be achieved in under 10 minutes. Although you do need to do quite a bit of blending, none of these require a super defined eyelook shape so, gather all your makeup and start playing with these to conquer the Euphoria makeup trend. 

Photos from Instagram @euphoria

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