8 Facts About Boobs You Probably Didn’t Know About

8 Facts About Boobs You Probably Didn’t Know About

By: Maria Isabel Carrasco -

Boobs, those perky mountain-like parts of the female anatomy that are worshiped by many. The way each culture has set their ideal beauty standards regarding breasts sheds lights on their own conception of sexuality and reproduction. For instance, based on their art, historians have determined that Egyptians didn’t worship large breasts. On the contrary, many of their depictions show women with small bosoms. Romans were not that worried about the size, but on how perky they were, being the first ones to invent a prototype of the brassiere in which women would tie a band under their breasts to make them look firm. Each civilization and time period has their own preference when it comes to the visual eroticism of boobs. However, there are facts that go beyond beauty ideals that are worth knowing.

1.Some women are capable of reaching an orgasm through breast stimulation alone

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If you thought breasts were only important for foreplay, you’re mistaken. About one percent of women in the world have the ability to reach orgasm only through breast stimulation. This happens because when the nerve endings of the nipples are stimulated, they produce oxytocin in the brain, the hormone that is also involved in genital stimulation. So, the blood flow increases in the genital area and can trigger an orgasm. Perhaps, with practice, we can all be able to experience that kind of ecstasy.


2.One boob is slightly larger than the other one

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This one is probably known by many. Just as with every set of organs (arms, legs, ears, and eyes), they are not exactly identical or symmetrical as we might think. Generally, the right one is the larger one, ranging from slight size differences to some really notorious and extreme asymmetrical cases. Moreover, the differences don't only lie on a matter of size, but nipple shape and direction.


3.There are at least 4 types of nipples

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Yes, all bodies are different. However, there are four dominant types out there. Flat nipples are those where nipple and areola are in the same level, which means that the nipple isn’t bumpy at all. Puffy nipples are those in which the areola resembles a little mount. There are also protruding nipples, those that are a bit raised from the surface, and there are inverted ones, where the nipple is retracted to the breast. Again, there can be combinations and even other types. Don’t worry, each nipple is beautiful in its own way.


4.Around 3% of the world’s population has a third nipple

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According to a study conducted by Pathology Outline, two to six percent of women, and one to three percent of the male population, have a fully or partially formed third nipple. Polythelia or Supernumerary nipples are generally the consequence of mammalian tissue appearing in other regions of the body, normally beyond the actual nipples.


5.They can continue growing during your 20s

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You read it right, but don’t get too excited. While it’s true that some breasts continue growing naturally once we pass puberty, not all of them do. Moreover, it’s not a very significant difference. It’s no secret that, during pregnancy, periods, when we’re going through a hormonal treatment, or even when we gain weight, boobs swell but it’s not really a permanent growth.


6.They can change their shape according to your sleeping position

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This is probably the one that freaks me out the most! Although it sounds a little far-fetched, it has some logic behind. When we sleep face down, our breasts are pressed between the mattress and our body weight. That position makes the muscles of the area work more than they’re used to, and so, they stretch and make us lose their natural perkiness.


7.We are the only species whose breasts grow permanently

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All mammals are born with mammalian tissue that remains the same shape and only grows when they are under their reproductive cycle. In our case, however, breasts grow and remain the same after puberty. There’s an evolutive theory that suggests that this happened as a sexual selection to make male individuals constantly attracted to females.


8.Breasts might have been responsible for our ability to speak

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According to Olav Oftedal Ph.D. the position in which the human species lactates created a special bond between mothers and their children that became the proper environment for us to start communicating. However, the theories go beyond mere bonding. It’s believed that the shape of the breasts molded the babies palates and encouraged the evolution of the motors skills that eventually transformed into our ability to speak.


It’s a common assumption to say that the human body is a mystery, and actually, it isn’t. While new things have been discovered about the physiology of our bodies, it’s true that there are many certainties around it. Don’t be that kind of person and know the basics of your body:

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