Facts About Menstruation Every Man Should Know

Facts About Menstruation Every Man Should Know

By: Olympia Villagrán -

"How great would it be if you just dump the ball two yards? Look! That's a eleven yard run, he's gonna have to earn it right here. He's worn down by contact, so the man plays no touchdown."
For any football fan this last quote would sound like another commentary that accompanies their Monday night game on TV. However, for people who are not as familiar with the game, it might cause just more confusion to a topic they don't understand. Perhaps this is not unlike the frustration men feel when trying to comprehend the biological phenomenon that is menstruation.
There are so many rumors and versions about everything involving the symptoms of this physiological process, not to mention that most of us have had to endure Sex-Ed that was insufficient.  To this day it is still really difficult to tell the difference between truth, myth, exaggerations, and a natural biological cycle. That's why many men can find it difficult to understand their girlfriends, sisters, or female friends when they're on their period. While it is true that all women experience —in different ways and in different degrees— painful symptoms caused by their period, there are several other factors that can come to play.
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Some of the basics:

1. Menstruation produces hormonal changes, which cause physical or psychological afflictions that may come together.
2. Periods occur every 21 to 35 days, and the length of the cycle depends on each woman's organism.
3. Periods last from 2 to 8 days. These variations don't affect a woman's health.
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Other things you should know:

Appetite may change during periods. Many women experience particular cravings or abnormal hunger due to an estrogen increase. This hormone regulates neurotransmitters that control sleep, hunger, and certain kind of behavior.
♥ Dark chocolate is the perfect way to treat your girlfriend during these days. According to a study by the Technological Swinburne University, this kind of ingredient can be relaxing during periods.
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Mood swings and bad moods happen because menstruation causes an imbalance of female sexual hormones. This can also cause breast pain or inflammation.
♥ Periods increase libido. However, the body is more sensitive during those days, and this can make intercourse uncomfortable or painful. Be patient and listen to what she needs.
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Hormonal imbalances can also come with acne. If a girl is prone to suffer from acne or pimples, she might feel uncomfortable.
♥ If this is your partner's case, try to pay her some compliments or bring up a topic that has nothing to do with physical appearance. This will help her stop thinking about the things people say about menstruation and the body.
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The  pain women experience during their periods is caused by cramps. This is one of the worst aspects of menstruation. During these days, the body produces estrogen, which causes muscle spasms that can be slightly painful or very intense, depending on each woman.
♥ Specialists recommend applying a hot water bottle on the woman's lower stomach. So, while she rests, why don't you plan a movie night to pamper her?
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These days are indeed as complicated as they are strange. Pain, bleeding, and the use of pads and tampons can increase all these already distressing sensations, so the best thing any woman can do is wearing loose clothing.
♥If your girlfriend is in her period, try not make many questions about what she's wearing. Ask her instead if she wants to stay home and take a nap.
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Another study from the Stanford University Medical Center found that being in love could help women decrease menstruation discomfort. So if you are understanding and have patience, you'll make her feel emotionally and physically better.
Translated by Andrea Valle