Discreet And Charming Ideas To Rock Glitter Nails

Discreet And Charming Ideas To Rock Glitter Nails

Lifestyle Discreet And Charming Ideas To Rock Glitter Nails

Are you looking for fun and yet sophisticated ways to upgrade your fall style? Here you have the fall nail trends to bring that fun into your nail game.

Not so long ago, when we talked about nails, it was all about what color you preferred or which one was better suited for a special occasion. But over the last decade, nail art has become a trend, and now you can basically have whatever you envision on your fingertips, from decorative stones, trendy effects, literal paintings, to crazy 3D designs. You name it, and someone has probably materialized the idea already. Though I do enjoy looking at videos of artists creating these intricate and elaborate designs, I must admit they’re not for me. When it comes to nails, I’m the kind of person who opts for more discreet and simple designs, and I know there are many people out there who feel the same way.

Glitter is one of the styles that have been around for a while now, and it will most likely continue to be a hit for a while. However, it gives an impression being quite loud and flashy. For a long time, I kept away from glitter for that main reason, but actually, there are so many styles and designs you can choose, in which glitter works perfectly to highlight your nails in a very subtle and charming way. So, if you want some game-changing ideas for your nails, take a look at my ultimate favorite fall nail trends.

Glitter French Tips

Discreet And Charming Ideas To Rock Glitter Nails 1

French tips have been a classic for years, but recently, they've become more modern with fresh, fun designs. There are many ways you can do this style with glitter. You can go for the classic white tip and highlight it your favorite sparkly glitter nail polish, or even pick one of those intense colors and use it only on the tips.


Ombré Effect

Discreet And Charming Ideas To Rock Glitter Nails 2

The ombré effect is everywhere, and nails aren’t the exception. You can have a simple yet fun style by playing with different glitter colors to create the effect or even with textures. There are tons of different types of glitter, so go for different sizes of sparks in the same color.


One Nail Design

Discreet And Charming Ideas To Rock Glitter Nails 3

If you want to be a bit more daring, you can always go for your favorite nail color and leave one nail reserved for a different glitter color that matches. This will definitely bring something different to your mani while keeping it simple and discreet. My favorite ones are white nails with a single, rose gold glitter one. It definitely makes it look sophisticated and trendy.


Contrasting Glitter

Discreet And Charming Ideas To Rock Glitter Nails 4

Now, one thing boring and other discrete and fun. Just because I don’t like wearing neon camouflage nails with gems doesn't mean I don’t want any glamour on my nails. A great way to do so is by layering a coat of glitter over a contrasting bright or strong color. Keep it clean and simple and you’ll still have a subtle and sophisticated design.


Frosty Natural Nails

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There are some events and situations in life that require a very sober and neutral nail look. In that case, you can always bring a bit of your sparkling personality to your hands by adding just some coats of glitter over your bare nails or over a neutral color. It will make them shine in a very neat and highly discreet way.


Glitter Details

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There are many ways to incorporate glitter into your regular manicure. Another idea that doesn’t look over the top at all is just adding some strokes or glittery elements into your design. For a more minimalist take, you just have to make the glitter be minimized.


Subtle Mirror Effect

Discreet And Charming Ideas To Rock Glitter Nails 7

Finally, who doesn’t love that lovely mirror effect? I know what you might be thinking, that isn’t a glittery effect, it’s more metallic. Well, let me tell you that the effect is the result of very tiny, shiny specks of glitter. And yes, the answer is that I do love it, but I find that doing that on all the nails isn’t that pretty. Instead, I prefer going with only one nail in that style or even some details on the overall design.


Someone told me once that our hands are one of our most important presentation cards, and I kind of agree with that. You can tell a lot about a person based on what their hands and nails look like. For that reason, since I’m not in love with those bold and crazy fashion trends, I love pairing my nail game with that. These designs are go-to’s for me and I hope they become yours as well this season.


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