Why do Smart People Have Such A Hard Time Falling In Love?

Why do Smart People Have Such A Hard Time Falling In Love?

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By: Maria Suarez

January 5, 2017

Lifestyle Why do Smart People Have Such A Hard Time Falling In Love?
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By: Maria Suarez

January 5, 2017

Thick-framed glasses, comic book t-shirts, a slight stutter, and a pure heart. Do you think geeks are hot? It’s safe to say that the cliché of nerds being unattractive specimens who spend their entire day playing video games on their computer is completely outdated. But aside from the superficial aspect, smart people are also incredibly sincere and always trying to be aware and respectful of others. But do you know why it’s so hard for intelligent people to fall in love? It’s not because they’re afraid of relationships or sex. It’s because of how their brain works.

Forward thinkers have the ability to analyze a situation, recall past experiences, and make educated guesses on future possibilities. They tend to use this as a means to identify which love interest is worth pursuing. By basing their decision on past experiences and trying to solve their love life as if it were an equation, they tend to get lost in the details instead of just going with the flow. This is probably the biggest reason why smart people don’t fall in love easily.

But let’s dive in deeper to figure out the reason why this could also be happening. Here are a few answers given by a couple of people. Do you think it’s accurate?

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“We don’t see romance as a priority”

Smart people have plenty of ideas and possibilities floating in their mind all the time. They tend to invest most of their time on their work, personal projects, or school instead of a relationship. In their heads, this promises more long term benefits.

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“We see our intelligence as our own reward”

Being smart provides a feeling of self-fulfillment, so at times brainy people don’t feel like they need someone to tell them they’re awesome. Their greatest satisfaction lies in achieving their personal goals, regardless of whether or not they’re praised by others.

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“We tend to look for subtext”

While on a date, analytical minds tend to look for clues that will tell them if the relationship has any chance of working. They also put high value on the other person’s opinions and thoughts to figure out if they’re actually compatible. But by doing so, they might end up alienating their date because they’re more concentrated on possibilities, rather than what’s in front of them.

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“We’re used to being right and that tends to annoy others”

When facing relationship issues, smart people are always confident they’re right. This tends to antagonize and exasperate the other person because they won’t listen when being told they’re doing something wrong.

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“We tend to not read the other person’s signs”

Because their brain is multitasking, they might not get that subtle flirtation or read between the lines. Eventually other people get bored or offended by this.

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Translated by María Suárez