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From Orgasm To Climax: The 4 Cardinal Rules For The Perfect Glowing Look

3 de octubre de 2018

Michelle Adams

Here are the four key elements that will give you that glowing look we all unconsciously connect with that pivotal moment of ecstasy.

What does an orgasm feel like? Our bodies celebrate pleasure in different ways, we arch our back, curl our toes, feel the current rising and ebbing, and we know it’s coming. It is a pleasure difficult to pen down into words, but perhaps if we added colors, textures and asked instead “what does it look like?”, perhaps we’d get a different picture altogether. 

In the peak of pleasure everyone looks more beautiful, don’t believe me? According to a ten year study conducted by Dr. David Weeks at the Royal Edinburgh Hospital, constant sex can make us look up to seven years younger. Apparently, during orgasm, you release a human growth hormone that promotes skin rejuvenation and elasticity. So, play away!  

So, how does makeup tie in with all of this? On the surface, it may appear that makeup has no connections to sex or orgasms, but once you delve deeper into its historical threads, you’ll discover that the sultry kohl eyes, the red lips, and flushed cheeks all point to one direction: orgasmic beauty.

Here are the four key elements that will give you that glowing look we all unconsciously associate with that pivotal moment of ecstasy.

Avoid matte and go for dewy and fresh bases

All makeup looks need a good base and today the most important modern trend is to have fresh, natural, and glowing skin. The best option is to go for CC creams that are hydrating and provide the needed coverage, and if you have oily skin a light dusting of setting powder is just enough.

To further enhance your base, you can use a touch of highlighter but it’s important that the skin remains dewy and bright. A dewy skin is reminiscent of not only youth, but also that glow that comes with...well you catch my meaning.


Sultry eyes begin with a good set of eyelashes

In Ancient Egypt, kohl was used not only for protecting the eyes but it also had deep and mystical connotations, even sensual. Over 100 recipes for kohl eye makeup have been discovered and today the cat eye continues to be the epitome of the femme fatale look. Here for a sultry eye, your lashes have to be the star of the show, so plenty of mascara to add volume.

Go for formulas with nourishing and hydrating ingredients like oils and waxes and what’s great is that they help prevent those nasty clumps. Avoid waterproof mascara for everyday wear because the formulas are normally very drying and when you remove it you’ll be tugging out the product and a few lashes along the way. 


A red lip is powerful

Egyptologists have found that ancient Egyptian women were among the first to use makeup and it turns out, red lipstick! According to historians, women would wear bright red lipstick as a sign of their “willingness to perform oral sex as well as show that they were good at it." Red symbolizes vitality and fertility, so when you see someone with a bright red lip you might begin to see that person as sexually desirable. Egyptians began the trend 5,000 years ago and we continue to love it. For the perfect red lip always work with your natural shape and pat in the berry or red shade as a stain since it helps it last, blot, and then use a lip pencil so you can go over it and here is where you can cheat a bit and play with your lip shape.


Flushed, beautiful cheeks are the final step

Red lipstick can drain you, so the last element that will bring the whole look together is the blush. Softly blend the colors and check the whole look and repeat if necessary. Brands like NARS know what’s up and have blushes specifically designed for that flushed and beautiful look, so you can check out their hues and opt for colors that suit your skin tone.


At the end of the day, this look is about celebrating your natural beauty and enhancing your features. The products I profiled today are the ones I’ve used and have worked for me, but it depends entirely on the person and skin type, so the only thing I have to say is to just have fun with it and go play. 

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Michelle Adams

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