How Discrimination Affects Latinx Communities In The US

How Discrimination Affects Latinx Communities In The US

By: Meagan Cahuasqui -

Though the Latinx community is not unfamiliar with discrimination, the current political climate has fostered an environment that has caused it to rise.

It may seem like a simple matter of bullying or learning to ignore comments of prejudice and bigotry, but words hold power. Especially when authority figures use those words to spread hate and fear, it affects the very lives of individuals part of these communities.

With 28.5 million children living in conflict-affected areas, including in Latinx countries, many immigrants look to the U.S. for sanctuary and a new life. When discrimination takes place, though, it makes their already hard lives even harder.

The rise in discrimination against Latinx communities in the U.S. has led to a rise in hate crimes. It opens the doors to violence, leaving vulnerable communities subject to terrible, inhumane acts.

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You can help the individuals in these communities by speaking out against such atrocious acts. When you see injustice happening, speak up for victims. If you are in a position of privilege, it’s important to use your platform to help those who cannot help themselves.

Discrimination against U.S. Latinx communities also leaves such individuals open to racial profiling and a disproportionate number of arrests from the authorities. The United Nations (UN) works against such abuse of power through its peacekeeping justice programs across the world.


When police are blatantly abusing their authority in a public space in plain sight, citizens have the right to photograph and record the scenes. Police cannot confiscate the devices or content without a warrant, and they may not delete the content under any circumstances.

Though the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission calls for a refusal to discriminate based on race or color, this is a vague, blanket rule that can be easily sidestepped at the state law level.

If you are an employer, you have the power to make a conscious decision on how to hire candidates and how to treat employees. Implement specific guides and protocols that let your employees know you are an ally and will help if they feel they have been discriminated against professionally.

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Discrimination and fear of retaliation often leaves the people of Latinx communities without proper healthcare. Especially for undocumented immigrants, health conditions can go from bad to worse for fear of the repercussions of seeking medical help.

To help these individuals seek the medical attention they need, you can create a database of healthcare providers that are known not to discriminate and share with your community. Create online forums where those seeking healthcare can safely find the information they need.

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