How To Ruin Your First Date In 5 Words Or Less

How To Ruin Your First Date In 5 Words Or Less

Oh, first dates. Those moments that make us feel like complete idiots. Call it the promise of a long lasting love relationship (if you’re a hopeless romantic) or just an exciting opportunity to know someone else. Problem is, if you’re happy to meet another person, you’ll definitely be anxious to make the best first impression you can. It’s not just a matter of that person liking you on a physical level, but also for your personality and taste. If you’ve had a bit of experience on these, you’ll know how to sell yourself as an exciting, fun, and interesting person. But generally, if when we're not that experienced, we’re exposed to commit some of the most embarrassing mistakes one could make. We tend to believe that we only have one chance to project a perfect image of ourselves so that the other person becomes interested and agrees to another date. 

Now, this might sound as if the other person is perfect and we’re the ones who have to make all the hard work, but it’s not. Most likely, while you’re picking the best outfit, planning what to say, or even at the moment of presenting yourself, the other person might be going through the exact same anxieties. So, let’s agree that unless you’re a master on first dates, these moments tend to be quite stressing and open to catastrophes. But what happens when your mind decides to play a trick on you and ends up making you enunciate a deal-breaking phrase that blows everything up? Or what if the other person seems absolutely nice, you're clicking quite well, then suddenly they mention something so outrageous that you're tempted to smash their head and walk away?

Let's take a look at some of these lovely phrases. 

My ex did the same

Actually, anything involving the word ex can be quite a bummer. I mean, it's not that you're gonna get jealous of anything like that. But it reflects either that the person hasn't gotten over their past relationship or they're directly putting you in the same pattern that didn't work out for them. So, unless you're actually discussing why your past relationships failed (which is not the best topic for a first date) I don't see the point of bringing them to the conversation.

Sorry, what was your name?

It may sound comical, and you'll probably argue that the person is a little bit clueless, but in fact, this only reflects a lack of interest. You introduced yourself and are going to spent the next hours together. I really don't get why that person would forget who they're talking to. Saying the wrong name is basically the same. 

Is this a date?

Boom! That’s probably one of the worst things you can say or hear. If both parties are not aware that the intention of getting together is to become more than just friends acquaintances, then this might be blurted out. Embarrassing!

I’ll ask my mom to pick us up

Ok, I cheated here with the word count, but hey, this is not very appealing. I love when people have very close relationships with their parents, but there’s a limit. And yes, asking your mom to pick you up on a date is pretty bad.

I think I love you

That’s the ultimate Ted Mosby move, and honestly extremely creepy. I don’t need to expand on this. It’s quite self-explanatory.

Is that really your photo?

Yeah… Not a very nice thing to say. It’s obvious that we look a bit different on photos, but you don’t have to be a jerk.

Do you know someone here?

Yeah, that’s also lame and awkward. It’s implying that they don’t want to be seen with you or that someone random might recognize you. Meaning, they’re embarrassed, jerks, or their with someone else.

I voted for ...

This might be a bit too far fetched, but for me, that’s actually something decisive when befriending someone. Not that I’m not inclusive, but without dropping any name, certain politicians attract equally damaged people, so that’s a deal breaker for me.


Yes, dates can be scary, awkward, and embarrassing sometimes, but it’s the best way to get to know people directly. To be honest, I prefer people dropping phrases at the first date than later on the relationship. At least you'll get to know from the beginning what kind of people you’re dealing with. There must be literally millions of other great phrases to ruin a date, so share us your creepiest one!


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