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4 Reasons Why A Fling Can Help You Get Back On Track

Por: Andrea Mejía 26 de septiembre de 2017

Oh, summer, the season of vacations, sunny days, beach holidays, and, of course, flings. Honestly, the cliché idea of summer flings constantly depicted in movies kind of makes me cringe. Mostly because they constantly repeat the same formula and characters. It’s like watching the same film over and over, only with a different setting and different names. However, I do get the appeal: they remind us of that summer tryst from our teens, or maybe it's a fantasy we've yet to fulfill. Flings are brief passionate romances, that last for about thirty days. They're not meant to be forever, but instead can become memories that will always have a place in our hearts.

It all seems so sweet and perfect, but, to be honest, I think the problem lies when we pretend that this brief connection is more than just that. I mean, can we really get to know someone over a couple weeks? Still, one of the most beautiful things about the heart is that it's often deaf to what our brain tells us. While logic would tell us that there's nothing to gain from a passing romance, there's plenty we can learn both about ourselves and relationships. In fact, there's a chance that this fling can help you overcome a hurdle that is keeping you from finding a true connection. So, here are four reasons why that fling can be the best lesson when it comes to your love life, and even life itself.

1. You open yourself to meeting people outside your everyday life

This point applies mostly to romance while traveling or on vacation. Maybe they’re a tourist or a local of the place you're visiting. The point is that the fact that both of you come from different places, even if it is a different city or state, will allow you to come into contact with another way of seeing the world. You'll pop the bubble of your world and dare to meet people outside your comfort zone.

2. You find out what you want in a relationship

No matter how short-lived the relationship is, the lesson it’ll give you will remain with you in future relationships. Maybe during that two or three month fling you’ll learn whether you prefer fast-paced relationships or you’re more into taking your time to get to know the other person. Also, it's possible that when you look back at that short relationship, you’ll find things about that person that you didn’t really like but didn’t realize at the moment. These are valuable lessons that will help you in the future.

3. You learn to trust your gut

Flings can be micro case studies of relationships do's and don'ts. Maybe you’re into a person and you think there’s no risk whatsoever, but if your instincts are telling you not to get involved with someone, listen! That intuition does not come out of the blue. If you feel something's off, that’s your gut saving you from a relationship that could be problematic. Maybe when it's over you’ll realize you should’ve listened to that feeling, but now that you can identify it, you'll know what to do next time it happens.

4. You learn to let go

There are many reasons why these kinds of relationships are usually so brief. Whether you end things in good terms or not, one of the most valuable lessons they’ll give you (one that’s quite difficult to assimilate) is learning to let go. The end of that relationship forces you let go of a moment, a person, and all the feelings you have for them. Life is about enjoying the present, including the weeks or months you spend with a person. When the time comes to say goodbye to that relationship, welcome all the lessons it gave you and use them to become a better person or have better relationships in the future.


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