Foods To Help You Control Hormone Imbalance

Foods To Help You Control Hormone Imbalance

By: Alonso Martínez -

Learn which foods can help you combat symptoms of early menopause as well as other hormone disruptions.

One of the most uncomfortable situations a woman will endure is menopause. It’s ignored by society yet portrayed by pop culture as the worst time in a woman’s life. However, younger women might suffer effects similar to menopause due to poor eating habits that cause hormonal imbalances.
These effects can be anxiety, depression, stress, fatigue, irritability, mood swings, loss of memory, and even migraines. The menstrual cycle is altered; risk of heart problems rises; skin becomes dry; bones are weakened, as well as sexual activity can cause vaginal irritation. There are other diseases that cause estrogen production to be abnormal, producing these effects as well.

In order to prevent, control, or treat hormonal issues caused by uncommon levels of estrogen, the following foods should be added to the everyday diet because of their content of phytoestrogens. This plant-based substance can substitute the function of the body’s hormones, helping the body stabilize.  


Aside from containing phytoestrogens, this fruit helps the body eliminate toxins and prevents degenerative diseases. By consuming them we keep our body “young” and hormone problems related to age can be avoided in the future.
women food hormone imbalance cherries

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Like cherries, they contain properties relating to a long life. They’re low in calories, so they can be added to any dish. By keeping our body free of toxins, phyloestrogens are able to work more efficiently. These plant-based substances have a lower effect than the hormones produced by our body, so we need to balance them with other foods full of nutrients.
women food hormone imbalance grapes


Red apples not only are beneficial for our heart, but they also help keeping the blood flow in check. They keep our mind fresh, and help reduce psychological discomfort.
women food hormone imbalance apples


No matter which presentation you prefer, this food provides the same protein as meats, while also containing amino acids. It’s great for bones and circulation, while also helping with menopause and painful periods. It balances estrogen levels.
women food hormone imbalance soy

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Since it’s derived from grapes, it has the same properties as the fruit. It also helps the circulatory system and relieves migraines.
women food hormone imbalance wine


It has beneficial antioxidant, anti-inflammatory properties and strengthens bones. Like apples, spinach keeps the body free of toxins. It helps relieve symptoms while also balancing estrogen and hormone levels.
women food hormone imbalance spinach


It awakens the senses, helps blood pressure, makes skin softer, and is an anti-aging food. It’s known to be an essential food for women suffering menopause because it helps combat the effects and symptoms.

women food hormone imbalance rice

It’s still unclear how effective phyloestrogens are, since foods can affect different bodies in different ways. However, a balanced diet can help keep our body strong and young, instead of having an early menopause.

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Translated by María Suárez