10 Foods You Need To Eat To Mend A Broken Heart

10 Foods You Need To Eat To Mend A Broken Heart

By: Alejandro I. López -

Combine these foods, and surround yourself with the people who love you. In just a couple of weeks you'll feel happy. Enjoy!

What is one to do when the world is crumbling at one's feet and hearts are broken?

Nothing makes sense. The sorrow that comes with a break up tends to physically and mentally wear us out. The affliction of our hearts can make us fall into an infinite loop of depression, which ends up affecting our health. The more depressed we are, the fewer activities we do and the less we eat. This combination of factors alters our metabolism, and our bodies end up suffering more than our hearts.

In the first post break up days, we can't stop thinking about the one that got away, and we're not able to conceive a better future without them. As time goes by, the sadness loses its harsh edges, and the pain eases day by day. We find comfort in daily activities, like hanging out with friends, shopping, reading books, or fully focusing on school and work. Other times, we simply find satisfaction in the flavors of comfort food.

Fast absorbing carbohydrates, also known as sweets, stimulate the neurotransmitters in your brain to produce serotonin. In high doses, this chemical produces good humor and feelings of well-being. This is why you find comfort in sweet foods; however, they're not healthy. So, instead of eating your pain away with ice cream and whipped cream, follow this guide of delicious foods and mend your broken heart without gaining weight.


foods to mend a broken heart

foods to mend a broken heart

This millennial food stimulates endorphins, which are linked to happiness; however, you shouldn't eat any type of chocolate. The darker and more bitter, the better, because it means it has more cocoa than sugar. This way, you won't gain weight easily.


foods to mend a broken heart

food to mend a broken heart

These seeds can produce dopamine in great amounts, and you can eat as many as you please, but they do say everything in moderation is better. Magnesium and zinc are present in these seeds, and they are natural antidepressants. Perhaps, it is time you changed your regular milk for almond milk.

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food for love-oatmeal
food for love-oatmeal 2Oatmeal is made of oat groats that are full of nutrients and made up of complex carbs, which regulate the levels of sugar in the blood and stimulate serotonin. A bowl of oatmeal mixed with water or milk, and your favorite fruit, is the best way to start your day and feel relaxed throughout. 


food for love-spinach
food for love-spinach salad
These green leaves are rich in folic acid and magnesium, as well as other minerals that prevent depression. If you're always tired, have muscle spasms or present abnormal heart rhythms, you should start considering eating more spinach.
Whether is on salads, or in juices, they will keep you healthy and happy.


food for love-berries
Any type of berry contains antioxidants, like vitamin C, which inhibits the production of cortisol. Depression and anxiety increase the levels of cortisol that at the same time produce stress.

We recommend you to eat strawberries, raspberries, kiwi fruit, oranges, limes and blackberries, every other week.


food for love-avocado
food for love-avocado2
Another nutritive Mexican fruit which contains 25% of the recommended doses of folic acid in a diet. On the other hand, avocado prevents the production of homocysteine. This amino-acid reduces dopamine and serotonin levels in the nervous system.

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food for love-fish
food for love-fish 2
The reason why Omega-3 pills are so popular is that they inhibit the neurotransmitters that make us sad, anxious, or depressed. Omega-3 can be found in fish. Whether is boiled, breaded, or grilled, combine it with spinach for a perfect antidepressant meal.


food for love-tomato
food for love-pizza
Just like the avocado, this red fruit inhibits the excess of homocysteine in the organism. You can make a marinara sauce that goes with spaghetti or lasagna. If you combine avocado, tomato, and lime, you'll have a guacamole that can help you come out of your slump faster.

Brown rice

food for love-brown rice
food for love-brown rice2
Rice is rich in vitamin B1, B3, and folic acid. The fiber on the rice will help you fight against depression, as it gradually releases glucose. By regulating the levels of glucose, you can avoid having low or high levels of sugar and prevent diabetes.

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food for love-nuts
food for love-nuts2
Nuts are another important source of Omega-3, apart from fish. The moderate consumption of nuts helps the circulatory system. Combine nuts, berries, and spinach for a delicious salad.
Combine these foods, and surround yourself with the people you love. Don't forget to prepare a delicious guacamole or a tasty lasagna. In just a couple of weeks, you'll feel happy.