7 Party Games To Play With Your Friends During The Holidays

We all know “Never Have I Ever” and “Charades.” But if you’re looking for something different, here are 7 insanely fun party games to enjoy with friends or family during the holidays!

My friends and I love to play games at parties or dinners. Especially during the holiday season, when endless family events might become monotonous at some point. It’s not all about getting drunk and listening to loud music: every once in a while, an original social interaction is just what the party needs to get us in the right mood, whether that’s a drinking game or a more family-oriented activity. Social games are also great to break the ice with colleagues or new acquaintances, so it’s always handy to keep a robust repertoire in case the right occasion arises. 

Everyone knows charades; you won’t score any points for originality with that one. But there are others that might also provide a great level of entertainment and the exciting element of figuring out new rules. Here are 7 fun party games to entertain your friends—or family—during these holiday vacations.


Sevens & Fives

Each person says a number out loud, starting with 1: the first person (perhaps the one who suggested the game) says “one.” The person to their right says “two.” The next one says “three.” And so on. Every time a multiple of seven or five comes up, that person should clap instead of saying the number. Each clap reverses the direction of the circle, so it’s the person who had just called a number before the clap who’s supposed to go again after it (and they are to keep counting up, skipping the number the clap stood for). You should do it as quickly as possible. Anyone who says the wrong number, or says a number when they should have clapped, or takes too long, loses a life and the count starts over. Whoever loses three lives is out of the game. The last person left standing wins. 

For example, suppose there are five players (P1, P2, P3, P4 and P5) sitting in a circle. It would go something like this:


P1: “One”

P2: “Two”

P3: “Three”

P4: “Four”

P5: *Claps*

P4: “Six”

P3: *Claps*

P4: “Eight”

P5: “Nine”

P1: *Claps*

P5: “Eleven”

Etcetera. If, say, P1 had said “Ten” instead of clapping on that final sequence, they would’ve lost a life. The fun part is not only trying to win individually, but trying to win as a group by reaching the highest number you can without any member screwing up.

Werewolves (Mafia)

This is a fun one, and it has many variations to keep things fresh and interesting. This kind of game is called “uninformed majority,” in which one or more players hold key information the others need to discover. Ideally, it should be played with seven or more people, adding characters the more participants there are. When it comes to Werewolves specifically, there are two teams: the werewolves and the villagers. The game is divided into two stages, day and night, that cycle between each other. There must always be a moderator, one or more werewolves, several villagers, and some other special characters such as a witch playing on the villager’s side. If there are seven players (plus a moderator), the ideal distribution would be two werewolves against four villagers and one witch (or medic). The game ends when all the members of a team are eliminated. This game is also known as Mafia: same rules, different characters—mobster vs innocents, instead of werewolves vs villagers.


For a full set of instructions, you can take a look at this page.

Sticker Stalker

Here’s a perfect game to keep everyone vigilant—and to get creative! Each player has a sheet of 10 marked stickers which they must stick on the others without them noticing. If anyone catches you, they are free to stick one of their own stickers on you. The first person to get rid of the whole sheet wins! This one’s great if you don’t want to focus all your attention in a single activity—you can keep chatting and dancing while it takes place. 


Guess Who

For this one, all players need to write down a famous character’s name (or even an object) on a piece of paper and hand it to the person next to you—without them seeing the name! When you’re handed your character, stick the paper on your forehead so the others can see it (don’t cheat, you really mustn’t look at which character you are). You now each get to ask yes-or-no questions to try and guess the name of the character on your forehead. Whenever the answer to your question is a “no,” your turn ends and the next player gets their chance. The first player to guess correctly wins! Alternatively, you can write down the name of several characters and put them all on a pile. As each of you guesses, you grab another one. The winner is whoever gets the most guesses in the end.

Likes & Dislikes

Do you want to test how well you know each other? For this one, each player should write down their likes and dislikes on a sheet of paper. For example, “Likes: Videogames, Chocolate, Cooking. Dislikes: Rats, Public displays of affection.” Put all the sheets together and have someone read them out loud. The goal is to guess who wrote which. 


Two Truths And A Lie

This one’s a little like Never Have I Ever, but with a guessing element. Players take turns to state two truths and one lie about themselves, while the others try to ascertain which one is which. Your bluffing skills will be put to the test!

Heads Up!

For Heads Up!, you need an app and a smartphone. It’s a fun little game created by Ellen DeGeneres where you must guess the word or concept in the card based on clues (acting, noises, etc.) given by the others. The more guesses you get right, the better your score. 


There you have it. Seven incredibly fun games to give your parties some extra spice during the holidays. But you don’t have to stop here: take these activities and make them your own. Add or change rules depending on what you’re looking for, make up variations, or get inspired to create your very own party games. The sky’s the limit!

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