6 Fun, Romantic And Spooky Ideas To Celebrate Halloween With Your Partner

What to do this Halloween? Here we have the most original and adrenaline-boosting activities for couples on the trick-or-treating night!

Written by Thaïs Parvez

Halloween is around the corner. Kids, horror movie addicts and Tim Burton fans are almost ready for their favorite event of the year. The night when evil strikes back and the dead rise from the grave... Celebrating Halloween is quite an adventure for those who love to wear creepy costumes and look for haunting experiences or to scare others!

Many people prefer to spend the most terrifying night of the year with friends and family, but doors are also open to couples who want to enjoy a mysterious and spooky date night on the 31st of October. So here we have some Halloween date ideas for you to celebrate with your significant other, which one will you choose?

1. Horror movie marathon. Blankets, popcorn and a classic horror flick at home sounds like an ideal plan for two, but why don’t you get out of your comfort zone and head to your nearest movie theatre to enjoy an interactive Halloween movie marathon? Some cinemas offer experiences where the audience can be an active part of the story.

2. Scary Escape Room Experience: If you love mystery and frightening games, team challenges, creepy scenarios and solving puzzles while racing against the clock, then getting locked in a horror Escape Room could be the best Halloween date idea.

There are games that include live actors and weird noises to make the experience more real. Tip: don’t let fear take over your brain!

3. Ghost And Vampire Tour: Are you and your partner brave enough to venture yourselves into a journey that includes investigating paranormal activities? Discover your city’s darkest stories and most horrific crimes by joining a ghost and vampire walking tour that includes visits to the most haunted locations.

4. Halloween Cookie Decorating & Pumpkin Carving Workshop: Learn a few scrumptious, easy-baking Halloween recipes this fall! Join one of the many baking classes out there to learn how to prepare step-by-step some tasty and gross-looking Halloween cupcakes or decorate cookies in spider or skeleton-shape. An alternative could be a pumpkin decorating workshop. Bring out the sculptor in you and learn to carve from professional artists! 

5. Horror Theme Park And Zombie Walk: Many 80’s horror movies take place in theme parks, so Halloween night is the perfect time to visit one that is dedicated to the horror genre. Haunted houses, zombie walks, ghost train rides, horror mazes with monsters and scary creatures… The perfect choice if you two are looking for some fun and excitement!

6. Romantic Picnic Near A Cemetery: As terrifying as it may sound, a romantic night out having a picnic near a graveyard is a very original plan for Halloween. Cemeteries are a staple of plenty of horror stories, but there isn’t a quieter yet tense place in the world than a remote, mysterious and old graveyard.

Pack your picnic basket with some delicious treats and your best bottle of wine and get ready to share some stories of terror.

But remember to always keep your eyes open because your worst nightmares may come true!

What other fun things are you planning for this Halloween? Share your plans with us in the comments!

Cover photo: @drewmarvick


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