4 Funny Relationship Goals That Every Couple Must Aim For

4 Funny Relationship Goals That Every Couple Must Aim For

By: Santiago Gonzalez -

A serious relationship is cool but goofball moments in a relationship are cooler. Here are four goals to pursue that are both cute and funny.

Relationship goals usually involve situations that I encourage for you to take very seriously; be that moving in together, getting a joint account, taking a trip together or even getting married. Every once in a while, though, it's nice to embrace your goofball side specially if your partner just so happens to also be a goofball. So here are 4 thing you can do to really do funny things as a couple, which will simultaneously embrace, help, and reinforce your love for each other.

1. Have pet names for each other

Pet names are the corniest thing you could possibly do in a relationship. They’re also the best. Having names like "honey," "sugar," or "babe" will let your partner really feel the sweetness and therefore reinforce the way you feel about each other. I don't exactly encourage you to do all the baby talk, but if you want to, that's totally fine (it'll be a bit annoying for everyone else, but, hey, this is supposed to be a funny goal, right?).

However, to really get the cute nicknames going, perhaps you'd like to customized a secret, intimate pet name for your partner. Make it cute and make sure it has something to do with either his or her name, hobbies, or a trademark of theirs (like blondie or freckles). 

2. You finish each other's sentences

This is the holy grail of relationship goals: when you're so into each other that you actually sync up in your thoughts. If you achieve this, organically of course, it won't only be super cute but it'll be proof to how well you know each other and how much you can anticipate what your partner is about to do, say, or think. If you're thinking that maybe it'll be boring, trust me, it won't. In fact, it'll never get old. Every time you finish each other sentences it'll be just as funny as the first time.

3. Dress up for couples costume

Costume parties happen all the time, not just during Halloween. Either way, it's a great time to dress up and do the costumes as a couple. Think about this: Salt and Pepper, Peanut Butter and Jelly, Ash and Pikachu, Thing 1 and Thing 2, Wendy and Peter Pan. There, I jut gave you a bunch of ideas. However, bear in mind that many obstacles will cross your path such as not agreeing on an idea, one of you not being into it, your single friends being annoyed. So, if you actually succeed, you'll have a great time and it'll be super funny.4 Funny Relationship Goals That Every Couple Must Aim For 1@maceyroe

4. Take your SO on a blast from the past to your childhood

Don't you just wish your SO had been in your life all along? Well, I have an idea. Why don't you take him or her on a ride through your fondest childhood memories. Take him to your hometown, to the park where you used to play hide and seek, or the bench where you had your first kiss and top it off a DIY sheet fort and movies.4 Funny Relationship Goals That Every Couple Must Aim For 2@naturepic_collectionNot only will you have a blast by doing these things but also your relationship will be stronger than ever! Have fun and remember to love each other no matter what.

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