How To Add A Glam Touch To Your Grunge Style

How To Add A Glam Touch To Your Grunge Style

Grunge might be all about bringing out your rebellious side, but why not do it in a strong and modern style?

There’s a huge comeback of the Grunge style not only in terms of music but also in fashion. With the resurgence of nineties trends, the fashion that characterized the movement has had an important acceptance, and to be honest I’m glad it has. Grunge took its name not only for the literal meaning of the word which refers to dirty or filthiness (which was also associated to the distorted and kind of dirty sounds they created), but also from a term popularized during the fifties and sixties referring to the young as grunge, meaning they were sloppy and untidy. As you can imagine, this idea wasn’t only present in their music but also in their fashion. They would wear everyday clothes (even dirty and sometimes broken pieces) for every single occasion. Now, we all have rocked our classic red flannel with ripped jeans, and a band t-shirt. If you love the style but also love getting your glam on, you’re going to love this makeup.

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Prep your skin:

The most important thing you have to do before applying any makeup is to prep your face. That must be your golden rule not only to protect your skin but to bring a nice and natural glow. I use any essential oil or face cream about fifteen minutes before even starting so that my skin gets a chance to soak the product and close the pores. Once you’re done you can start with the makeup. The second golden rule in makeup is always to start with your eyes if you’re applying eyeshadows so that you can actually remove any fallout or clean any possible mistake without ruining your foundation. 


Apply primer:

The function of primer is to create a coat that protects your skin from all the other products you’re going to apply to it and by doing so it prevents oil from actually vanishing all, so it’s basically a win-win process. However, if you’ve actually prepped your face and you’re only wearing this for a couple of hours you can actually skip the primer. Having said that, It’s really important for you to actually prime your eyes when you’re using eyeshadows to avoid our natural oils from smudging the pigments. You can use any eye primer, your concealer, or even your foundation. As an extra tip, if you have very oily skin, you can apply loose powder on the lid (to soak the oil), then your primer, and then another coat of powder. 


How To Add A Glam Touch To Your Grunge Style 2

Transition eyeshadow:

Transition colors help us to bring dimension to the eye and make it look bigger and wider. The idea here is to place a lighter color than your primary one to create that nice depth. Here we selected a shimmery pigment and we applied it from the crease to the brows without actually reaching them. 


Main color:

For a dramatic and fierce look take a vibrant color all over the lid up to the crease with a flat synthetic brush with packing motions so that it looks unified (if you want a more dramatic effect to spray some setting spray to make it even more vibrant or you can even apply white concealer on that part to make the colors pop). With a clean fluffy brush blend all over your crease so that you don’t have a rough line between the colors. 


How To Add A Glam Touch To Your Grunge Style 3

Under-eye shadows:

Using a thin pencil brush, pick up a bit of your main color and apply it right above the lash line to make your eyes pop and round the effect of the shadows in your eyes. Blend it well so that it doesn’t really look like a rough line but just a hint of color. If you want to make your eyes look bigger, apply white liner all over your waterline and with a thin flat brush press right in the lash line with dark eyeshadow (you can go for a darker color in the same scheme of your main color or even contrast them for a bold effect).

Final touches:

With that same dark shadow create a subtle cat eye line to stylize your eyes or if you want a more intense look you can even do it with a liquid eyeliner. You can add some lashes for a more dramatic effect or go heavy on the mascara.


How To Add A Glam Touch To Your Grunge Style 4

Finish your face:

To round up the whole look, apply concealer under your eyes to brighten your eyes, and blend it with your regular foundation (to make it last all day, set it with translucent powder). To contour your face apply some bronzer with a big fluffy or a contouring brush right under the cheekbones (you can also apply it in the jawline, and in the forehead). For a strong and sharper contour look, pick a bronzer color that’s two shades darker than your skin tone. Apply blush right in the apples of our cheeks and as an optional step add a nice highlighter to bring a nice and glimmery light into your face.


To finish the look, fill in your eyebrows with shadow or a brow pencil and add a neutral lipstick on your lips to round the whole makeup. Again, to make it last all day and night, you can set the whole makeup with a setting spray or fix plus. 

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