Glass Skin, The Korean Trend That Might Just Pull You Away From Your Glittering Highlighter

I love highlighter. Actually, I cant live without highlighter, but this trend is pretty convincing.

A few years ago, I discovered makeup tutorials on YouTube, and I still don’t get why I love them so much. At first, I was just interested in learning techniques and discovering new products. I would only watch videos about the looks I liked and that I wanted to try for parties and events like that. Before I knew it, I started following these YouTubers on social media and I had the notifications setting on, so I couldn’t miss their new videos. But I didn’t stop there. I’ve bought countless types of foundation, shadow palettes, lipsticks, brushes I might never use, and several other products that will probably dry out eventually. I have to admit it’s become an obsession. 

So, when my problem began, contouring was the most popular trend on the internet, and we all know what levels it reached (I mean, there are even tutorials on how to contour a penis, I’m not kidding). Naturally, I started looking for contour products everywhere, but since I didn’t have the money or the experience to get the same exact ones the guys in the tutorials were using, I tried many drugstore dupes and, spoiler alert, contouring wasn’t a thing where I live, so there weren’t any good products. I ended up getting something random at the market. The problem was that the lighter colors you had to use to highlight some areas were all really glittery, so I had to improvise with eyeshadows and lighter foundations. 

So, long story short, all of a sudden, when I thought I had finally mastered contouring, these people started putting blinding highlighter on their cheeks. At first, I didn’t like it, but now I can’t leave the house without it. I can go without other makeup products, but my highlighter is my go to. Now, the thing with these trends is that, like it happened with contouring, it soon got out of control and there are people that are abusing highlighter so much that it just looks hideous. So, I think that by next year highlighting will be over, and that kind of pisses me off.

Now, this is already happening and people have started to look for alternatives to ditch both contouring and highlighting. One of these new trends comes from South Korea, and it's going viral as we speak. Invented by Ellie Choi, a makeup artist based in Los Angeles, glass skin promises to become the goal to follow this season and the upcoming months. She started posting pictures of her perfect porcelain skin, and people just can’t get over it. So, how do you get skin like this?

Funny enough, this doesn’t even have to do with makeup at all. It’s just a beauty routine that makes your face look so flawless that with only a nice shade of lipstick you’ll look radiant and ready to go. The idea is making your natural skin do the work instead of covering it with makeup to make it glow. So, the process is something you can actually do at night and let your own cells do the work for you.

Choi shared her tricks and routine on her Instagram, and honestly, they look so easy that I’m seriously considering saying goodbye to my beloved highlighter. So, before going to sleep you have to remove your makeup and then proceed to wash your face with two different cleansers. The first one removes most of the dirt and makeup from your face, while the second one must have any kind of moisturizer so that your face dry doesn't out. Once your face is completely clean, Choi adds some toner, which, according to her, is the most important step of the process. Finally, she adds some lotion or moisturizer to seal the pores and get deep hydration.

Also, she exfoliates her skin with products that contain sugar and essential oils twice a week. They not only deep-clean her skin, but also keep it beaming and glowing. And that’s it, that’s the whole secret behind this new trend, and honestly, it looks so effortless that it might actually make people ditch all the makeup they use (including myself, of course). So, what do you think?


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