How To Rock The Coolest Trend Of Glossy Eyeshadows This Summer Break

Not so long ago dewy skin was the ultimate Instagram trend everybody wanted to rock, today there's a new alternative to this style on eye makeup. Would you go for it?

Instagram has become a great platform for makeup artists to display their work and techniques. If you’re a makeup lover like myself, and you follow some of these influencers, you might have noticed that in many cases most of their work, while beautiful and unique, isn’t that wearable on a daily basis. There’s no doubt these are seriously talented people, but how much of these trends can be really worn or even adapted to your everyday routines? Not many of them. One of those gorgeous trends that are taken over the platform is without a doubt glossy eyeshadows. You’ve probably seen tons of photos, they’re really tempting, but how practical would it be to follow the trend, say for school, work, or even a party?


Generally, when I see a makeup trend I like I try it out at home and if it works, I rock it outside. Let me tell you, with this one, it wasn’t that easy even when it looks so simple. Now there are so many brands that have released glossy products for the eyes, but naturally, given I wasn't that convinced I decided to improvise with what I had. I watched several tutorials and read many tips to make it look sleek, and after hours of struggle and dealing with powder shadows and lip glosses, I finally managed to get something similar to what we see in the pictures.



My general impression was that to get that shiny dewy look, you have to wear tons and tons of gloss and balms, and even with that, it won’t look the same because there’s a lot of photo production behind these pictures. This isn’t breaking news, we all know that you’ll never get that an intense highlighter look if you don't have high spec lighting.

Before you start, prep your eyes

Since I already have oily lids, I have a routine to avoid creasing and smudging. One trick I learned many years ago thanks to my go-to makeup gurus, is applying a coat of setting powder, then your favorite eye primer, a second coat of powder and then your regular shadows.



Wait for the shadows to set

For this particular look, no matter if you have oily skin, it's essential for the shadows you apply to be perfectly set before applying the gloss. I learnt this the hard way with my home experiment, I wasn’t patient enough to make sure the shadows were absolutely set and it all ended up a mess. What happens is that with the gloss, all the powders you apply get smudged and mixed with the gloss, making a heavy and not-that-comfortable-feeling paste that will ruin your whole makeup. So, primers are absolutely essential.



When in doubt, use glitter glue

When I tried this out to go out to a party, I actually used a glitter eye glue to secure my shadows. These glues are designed to trap loose glitter and keep it in one place, so even when I wasn’t really going for shimmery shadows, I decided to try this out. It actually worked quite well, if you ask me. So the next step came the gloss and what I did is that I mixed lip gloss and lip blame to create a light and slightly tacky consistency that wouldn't move during the day.


Patience in this case is a true virtue.

Now comes the difficult part, with a clean synthetic brush, blend the gloss with the shadows around the crease so it dries up a bit. Wait a few minutes with your eyes closed to let it dry and avoid smudging the crease. If you succeed in this part then you're good to go. Remember, the last layer is the gloss and if you want to apply eyeliner this has to be done beforehand. This is why this particular trend can be so difficult because if you mess it up the gloss, you ruin all the previous hard work.



My final thoughts...

Though I actually liked how it looked, I didn’t think this was the most comfortable and flattering style for me. The moisture of the gloss made me feel kind of sweaty and sticky, which wasn’t that nice, to be honest, and after some hours, no matter how well set are your eyeshadows, they tend to crease faster than regular shadows. It’s not that I won’t go for it anymore, I probably will, however, I won’t be rocking it at events that involve dancing or being under the sun. Other than that, yes, this is a style that looks great on camera and that’s why it’s such a success on Instagram, but it’s also a great bold, and more importantly, fresh style for the season.


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