The Ultimate Step-By-Step Guide To Have The Best Valentine's Without A Valentine

The Ultimate Step-By-Step Guide To Have The Best Valentine's Without A Valentine

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Valentine’s Day is not only about romantic love. It’s also about being able to spoil yourself. Here’s a step-by-step guide to achieve just that and spend the best Valentine’s without a valentine!

Valentine’s Day can be really hard, especially for people without a date. Some hate it, while others simply find it depressing. We tend to think Valentine’s is all about romantic love—but that’s missing two thirds of the point. Valentine’s is also about love for friends and family and, above all, for yourself. You can't really love someone else without first being emotionally healthy, after all. So, think of a dateless Valentine’s as the perfect opportunity to acknowledge the other sides of the celebration and spoil yourself! If you need any help or suggestions, let me give you an example of what the ultimate Valentine’s Day for single people can look like. 

Guide Best Valentine’s For Single People

7 am - 8 am

Wake up, put on some comfortable running shoes and workout clothes, and go for a run after eating a light breakfast. Take some time beforehand to create the perfect running playlist.

8 am - 9 am

After your run, take a nice, warm shower while listening to your favorite upbeat song. Don’t forget to sing along as loudly as you can! Then, wear your coolest, favorite outfit —something that makes you feel confident but comfortable.

9 am - 10 am 

Grab yourself a nice latte or your preferred beverage from your favorite coffee shop. If you need to go to work, do so now (see you afterwards). Otherwise, it’s time to head to a museum! Today it’s all about trying different things, so pick a place where there’s an unusual exhibition or a collection you’ve never seen. You don’t have to spend much time there—stay as long as you’re comfortable. 

If there’s no museum nearby, then put on some earphones, rock a good-day playlist, and take a walk in a park or forest for a while.

Guide Best Valentine’s For Single People

10 am - 10:15 am

Call a few friends just to chat. If they’re available, you can set up a plan to hang out with them in the afternoon or go to a bar in the evening. Otherwise, just a quick catch up on the phone should be enough. Then call your family and do the same. Keep all those around you in mind. 

10:15 am - 11 am

Think of a person you love—it could be your mother, father, siblings, or a friend, and then think of a gift they would like. Get to a shop—I’d go for a bookstore, but that’s just me—and spend a while looking for a nice little present for that person. Don’t stress about finding the perfect gift, though. This should just be an inexpensive (but thoughtful) present to show them what they mean to you. If you can afford it, pick a few extra gifts for the rest of your loved ones. 

Guide Best Valentine’s For Single People

11 am - 11:15 am

Get yourself some frozen yogurt or ice cream with all your favorite toppings. Don’t be afraid to treat yourself today!

11:15 am - 11:30 am

Try flirting a little with someone at the store, coffee shop, or ice cream parlor, with no expectations and completely free of any outcomes, just for fun. But remember, don’t be a creep or insist too much. If you’re gonna flirt, make it fun for both of you. Don’t catcall or harass anyone. You should know the difference between harmless flirting and actual harassment by now. Tip? Don’t treat the other person as an object or a goal—treat them as an actual person, and you should be fine. It doesn’t matter if you get “rejected,” since you’re not actually trying to get “accepted” either. It’s just about having a casual interaction to boost each other’s self-esteem.

You can do this throughout the day. Just be friendly with others, and make it a point to interact with them (if only for a moment).  

Guide Best Valentine’s For Single People

11:30 am - 12 pm

If you can, head back home to leave your shopping bags there. If you won’t see the person you bought them for today, you’ll just give them the present(s) whenever it’s convenient, don’t stress out about it. Grab your favorite book and head to the park.

12 pm - 1 pm

Read in a park for a while. Pick a nice view and relax. Enjoy watching the people, the rolling clouds, and immerse yourself in your fiction of choice. If you can, write a little too—regardless of how good a writer you think you are. Scribble your thoughts—maybe just a diary entry, or perhaps a short story. Whatever you fancy! You can also do this at a small cafe while you’re having lunch. 

Guide Best Valentine’s For Single People

1 pm - 3 pm 

If you managed to make a plan to meet friends for lunch, you should be having fun right about now. Otherwise, you’re lucky enough to enjoy some more time for yourself. Pick a good movie at a nearby theater and go watch it. 

3 pm - 6 pm

It’s about time to head back home again and cook. It doesn’t matter if you don’t know how to do it, or even if you think you don’t enjoy it: just for today, pick a recipe that you find interesting and try following it. You’d be surprised how fun cooking can be with the right frame of mind. Even if you hate it, well, at least you tried—you don’t have to do it ever again. 

6 pm - 9 pm

Grab your culinary masterpiece, put on your favorite show on Netflix, and enjoy! If you had to work, you should be leaving the office and heading home already. If you had time to cook, great, follow the guide from here. If not, order something or cook something quickly. And don’t waste too much time cleaning your mess. You’ll do that during the weekend; today is about enjoying yourself, remember?

Guide Best Valentine’s For Single People

9 pm - 11:59 pm 

Now, to make some choices, depending on the type of person you are. Are you an introvert like me? Perhaps you’d like to keep reading, writing, watching TV, or painting in your home. Are you feeling in a more extrovert-like mood? Then it’s time to head out. If you managed to make night plans with friends, head to a bar or a club with them. But you can also do that alone and meet new people. Whatever you end up choosing, have some fun! 

Do make sure you deliver your presents. And as you can see, it doesn’t take much to enjoy a good dateless Valentine’s Day. Remember, after all, that this day is about love—for your SO, for your family and friends, and for yourself. I hope you took that to heart and that you enjoyed it. Happy Valentine’s!

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