A Guide To Find Out What Hair Color Best Matches Your Skin Tone

The best way to choose what hair color looks more flattering on your skin tone is by knowing what type of undertones you have.

I’m the kind of person who loves changing my hairstyle which includes dying it with whatever crazy color that comes into my mind. My biggest motto is “hair grows back” so I don’t mind experimenting with new things even when they might end up looking hideous. However, no matter how adventurous I might look I do have certain rules when it comes to color. I don’t know where I took this rule from but I’ve been following it religiously since I first dyed my hair when I was 12. The rule is to never get my entire hair in a color that’s lighter than my skin. I might get some effects but never my entire hair. Lately, I’ve been seeing a lot of amazing hair trends I love but I don’t dare to try since it would totally go against my rules, so I decided to make a thorough research to find out what are the best colors for my skin tone based on actual facts and not a crazy precept I got who knows where. If you’re also wondering what’s the best color for you take a look at the following, you might be surprised.

Warm undertones

More than basing your skin tone in ranges like light to dark, the trick is understanding the undertone colors your skin has. The main two types are cool and warm undertones, and following this scheme the rule is to get a hair color opposite to your undertone. Which makes way much more sense than my hair rule we were talking about. You can have warm or cool undertones either if you’re fair or dark so the idea is to pair your hair in contrast with your skin. So, here are some of the hues that will flatter you the most if you’re warm-toned.

Acid colors

Acid colors are going to be a huge trend this year and unlike the last one were pastels dominated the scene, now it’s time for really vibrant almost neon colors. The idea here would be to select a color that has cool undertones, meaning bluish, greenish, and purplish hues (if you’re cool tones, you’ll want to pick reds, oranges, yellows, and pinks).


Deep black

Unlike what many would think, a black shade with a cool undertone would make you look really pale and dull, however, since it’s probably the coolest tone (in all ways) it makes warm skin tones look radiant and glowing. Of course, if you’re going for this one, it’s important to take a good care of it since it can easily lose that cool shine.


Icy white

You’ve probably gotten the idea here. Icy white colors can really help to balance and conceal some of the natural redness of warm colors, and for that reason, it’s one of the hues that’s becoming a trend this year. There’s a common belief of blonde colors not looking that nice with darker skins, that’s absolutely wrong, the issue comes if you’re not choosing the right shade of blonde.


Strawberry hues

I know this might sound a bit strange, but actually, some reds can match your warm tone quite well. You can go for a purplish red undertone that will bring some coolness to your skin complexion. Besides that, a lighter strawberry tone can work with certain warm tones that go from light warm to neutral undertones by bringing a natural blush to your skin. 


Cool undertones

Cool undertones are those that tend to look a bit greyish. One common (although not infallible) trick to find out your undertone is by looking at the veins on your wrist. If they look bluish it’s most likely you’re cool toned, if they look more greenish it’s because you’re warm-toned and your yellowish tones are making them look green. 

Caramel effects

Here, you’ll want to bring some warmth to your skin so warm caramel browns or golds are great for those who want a more subtle and discreet style. The idea here would be to add some effects to your natural hair like doing a balayage or some highlights on the front. 


Rosé shades

Rosé has been a trend in the past year in so many areas of life, and of course, hair wasn’t going to be the exception. If you want something bold that still enters in the not-so-crazy category, this is going to be the perfect hue for you. You can go for a full rosé hairstyle or combine it with a blonde or brown foundation hair color to create a more interesting effect.


Vibrant colors

Do you remember what we said about acid colors? Well, if you want to go for them the best choices for your cool undertone are those really vibrant oranges and reds (you could also go for a very electric pink or even bright yellow). You’ll just have to bear in mind that these are fantasy colors that are very high maintenance and since you have to bleach your hair to reach an almost white hue, it can damage your hair. Besides that, you won’t want to have the color fade completely since you’ll end up getting a cool hair color that won’t flatter your skin tone.


Golden locks

Finally, we had to include a blonde option for you since it’s one of those hues a lot of people love getting. In this case, you’ll want to get a nice warm golden hue to contrast with your bluish and greyish undertones. You can either go full blonde or play with some trendy and stylish effects to bring more light into your face.


As I said at the beginning, hair grows back so we shouldn’t take it that seriously when it comes to experimenting with styles. The idea is knowing what works best for you and play in that range to have a more flattering a secure result.


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