6 Effortless Updos You Can Rock With Short Hair

6 Effortless Updos You Can Rock With Short Hair

If you're done pinning back your hair and hoping for the best, you're going to want to look at these styles.

Although it might not seem like it, having short hair requires hard work and lots of patience. It’s a really a high-maintenance style that not everyone can pull off, especially if your hair is like mine: a weird mix of curly and straight that I don't know what to do with. I mention this because, after many years of using an iron every single day to make my hair look smooth and straight, I had the genius idea to cut it dramatically short in order to achieve a classy bob cut. However, almost immediately after cutting it, I realized it hadn't been the best idea because I'd have to spend even more time trying to make it look semi-decent. 

I had no idea what to do with it, and I missed my long rebellious hair, which I could at least tame with a simple ponytail or a braid. Now, I thought the only way to style it was with an iron, but that was until I saw a video of someone with even shorter hair than mine with the cutest updo ever. That video was a revelation for me, and from that day on, I wear my short hair up with a different style every day. So, if like me you thought you didn’t have many options take a look at these. 

Topsy tail updo

6 Effortless Updos You Can Rock With Short Hair 1

This hairstyle is so simple, it won't take you more than ten minutes to do, and it actually looks pretty elaborate and sophisticated. Plus, this one’s great if you have layers because it’s going it keep it up all day and give it more volume and texture. So, we’re going to start by making a little ponytail, start a French braid, or just secure a small section of hair in the crown of your head with some bobby pins, it’s up to you. The idea, and we’re going to repeat it throughout the entire head, is to create small tails and create topsy tails by pulling the hair through the middle (if you can’t do it manually, there are tools that can help). Once your first topsy tail is done, you’re going to make a new ponytail with small sections and tie them together with the tail you already made. Pull it through that one and repeat until you’ve run out of hair. To make it more intricate, you can stop a little before the end, make a braid and tuck it up into one of the topsy tails you already have.


Halo updo

6 Effortless Updos You Can Rock With Short Hair 2

Halo braids are the ones that go around the head, creating a crown effect (they’re actually called that way too). This one is great for short hair because you’re working all over your head, not making a single, loose braid. You start from one side of your head, more or less where the ear begins. Start braiding downwards by grabbing small sections of hair until you reach the place you’ve started. Hide the remaining hair under the braided section and pull the strands apart to give it more dimension and volume. Set it with some spray and you’ll be able to rock this hairstyle all day long.


Braided top knot

6 Effortless Updos You Can Rock With Short Hair 3

One of the things I hated about my short hair was that I couldn’t wear a top knot because my hair wasn’t long enough to reach the top. This hairstyle is the solution for that, although it does take more work than other styles, so get ready and be patient. You have to bend over, so your head is upside down and your hair falls down. Then do a normal French braid, but do it the other way around, starting from the bottom of your head. Once you’ve reached the section you want, secure the braid with a hair tie, and then make a normal knot. If you want it to look bigger, you can use a hair rat or even just mess it up a little to add volume. The same goes for the braid, which you could do as a Dutch braid (the same as a French one, but crossing each section under the middle one instead of above).


Braided updo

6 Effortless Updos You Can Rock With Short Hair 4

This one is similar to the halo braid, but way easier, I swear. Part your hair in two (I prefer doing it on one side, but you can also do it right down the middle), and start braiding down from the side. Once you’ve reached the bottom of your head secure the braid with a hair tie. Do the same with the other side, and once you’ve got both braids, twist them and secure them by hiding the ends under the braided section. If the hair in your braids is a bit longer, you can create a small bun or even join them and do a roost tail to create a knot. Then, you can tuck it up into that knot to create a small pompadour effect. 


Double bun updo

6 Effortless Updos You Can Rock With Short Hair 5

This is one of those styles that look so cool and are so easy to make that you can wear them during the daytime and transform them a bit for a nighttime look. Do you remember Rey from Star Wars? Well, that’s the main idea, just bringing it down to Earth a little bit. The idea is to create a simple bun, taking the upper half of your hair and a section from the bottom. Once you’ve got your buns, start pulling some strands apart to make them look bigger. Finally, take a section from your upper bun and attach it to the lower one to make it look like an intricate style. You can actually make it as crazy as you want by adding more buns to create a sort of faux-hawk effect by attaching them together.


Low pompadour updo

6 Effortless Updos You Can Rock With Short Hair 6

This style is also pretty easy to do, and it's great if you’re going for a classic, romantic look. You can start by making two simple or French braids on each side of your head and tying them in the back with an hair tie (make sure you’re leaving hair below to create the pompadour). You can either buy a faux pompadour tool to make it look bigger or just tuck sections of hair into the tail you created with the braids. Leave it a little loose to create more dimension and volume. Another way you can do it is, instead of making braids, you can create two twists, so that the pompadour looks like an extension of the twists.


You can use these six looks as inspiration to create your own looks, since these are some simple foundations of styles and can be adapted and transformed so easily with embellishments and other techniques that fit your own style and taste. What I like about these is that they give you so many possibilities that we wouldn't usually expect from short hair.


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