9 Hairstyles Any Successful Woman Can Rock At Any Time

9 Hairstyles Any Successful Woman Can Rock At Any Time

By: Andrea Mejía -

Although most of it has to do with attitude, these are some of the hairstyles any successful woman rocks.

When I hear the words "successful woman", I can’t help but imagine The Devil Wears Prada’s Miranda Priestly. Although she’s a fictional character, she perfectly represents what we as a society understand a successful woman to be. She is a powerful leader in her industry and a fashion icon who knows how to rock any outfit she wears. Of course, as the movie progresses, you see that, although her life isn’t as glamorous as it seems, she manages to maintain that façade because she exudes confidence, no matter what. To me, that's the real key to being successful: in feeling comfortable with yourself, knowing you can slay any outfit and situation simply because you know you’re capable of that, defying your own limitations and achieving the goals you’ve set for yourself.


Just like this character, besides radiating self-confidence, taking care of your personal image is an important part of rocking the look of a successful woman, and one crucial part of that is finding a hairstyle that enhances your general features. Now, for that you won’t need flashy styles or radical makeovers. Most of it lies in getting a haircut that highlights or balances out your facial features. The rest is finding the best hairdos for the style you’ve chosen. So, if you’re searching for the best hairstyles to finish your look, here are some simple options I’m sure you’ll rock any time.



A bob


9 Hairstyles Any Successful Woman Can Rock At Any Time 1


This haircut screams success in any of its variations. Whether you get it with bangs, long, with wavy ends, or sleek, the bob is known as the professional haircut par excellence. However, to really rock it you have to consider the shape of your face and your type of hair. For instance, if your hair is curly, search for a stylist who knows how to cut this type of hair to avoid having a frizzy disaster.


Side ponytail

 9 Hairstyles Any Successful Woman Can Rock At Any Time 2

Photos via Gabby’s World and Belisima


As simple as this hairstyle looks, it’s that simplicity that makes it so elegant. Moreover, its versatility allows you to wear it on any occasion: at work, when you’re out with friends, on a date, or even at a gala. Just make sure the rest of your hair isn’t messy. Also, you can add a wavy fall to it to make it look both natural and chic.



Top knot


9 Hairstyles Any Successful Woman Can Rock At Any Time 3

Photo via  Alice Catherine


Top knots are a tidy and professional look that will look great if you decide to wear it for work. When rocking this style, it’s better to secure the knot with bobby pins, so it won’t become undone after a couple of hours, especially if you’ve got thick or very long hair. Also, you can use bobby pins to control those rebellious strands that won’t stay in their place.

Low bun


9 Hairstyles Any Successful Woman Can Rock At Any Time 4

Photos by Emma Chen


I’ve always thought of low buns as the type of hairdo you can do when you want an effortless yet stylish look. Moreover, it can have many variations. For instance, as a chic touch, you can add a braid made with one thin section of the sides of your hair.


High ponytail


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This hairstyle looks especially gorgeous if you’ve got long and straight hair. In a similar way to the topknot, the key to make it look neat and stylish is by keeping those wild strands in their place. The best thing about the high ponytail is that it's a simple way to add a classy touch to your look. Also, like the side ponytail, you can wear it for almost any occasion.



Rocking your curls


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Some of the previous hairdos might be difficult to manage when you have very tightly-coiled locks. However, the thing about this type of curls is that your hair is already lively and gorgeous by itself, so even if you leave it loose, you’ll look super stylish. However, if you decide to wear it up, a ponytail is the best way to let your curls stand out in a classy way.



Wear your hair down


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As I previously said, you don’t have to do any elaborate or complicated hairdos to look good. If you prefer to let your hair loose, just trim your ends once in a while so it doesn't look messy. Also, make sure your hair looks shiny and healthy. Use creams, oils, or serums that will benefit your type of hair. For instance, if hair is usually dry, go for hydrating shampoos and creams that’ll give a natural flow and shine to your hair.



Wrap your hairdo with your own hair

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Photos by Kristin Ess


To add a unique touch to your hairstyle, you can use your own hair to wrap your ponytail, bun, or half updo. By doing so, you make your hairdo look more natural, almost as if it were already part of yourself, and best of all, it looks like you didn't even have to make an effort to look gorgeous. And that attitude is essential if you want to look like a successful woman. 



Curly ends

 9 Hairstyles Any Successful Woman Can Rock At Any Time 9


This one goes especially for those who have pin-straight hair. The best part of this type of hair is that it’s easy to comb. However, if you feel like you want to add some liveliness to your hair, you can create wavy and subtle curls with an iron. The waves will look both beautiful and natural.




Being successful is more of an attitude than a look. However, you can always make your look reflect your attitude. If you want to check other beautiful ways to style your hair, don’t miss these:

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