This Is Not A Trick: Healthy Treats For a Happy Halloween

This Is Not A Trick: Healthy Treats For a Happy Halloween

Are you ready to have the spookiest, coolest, and healthiest snack table ever? Check out these ideas for your Halloween party.

The words Halloween and healthy don’t seem to go together, right? I mean, Halloween immediately reminds us of candy, chocolate, and all sorts of sugary treats. However, healthy doesn’t necessarily mean unflavored and boring snacks, or that you can’t have any delicious ingredients. It’s just about reducing a bit the consumption of sugar and fats, or maybe switching some of the ingredients in your favorite snacks for something healthier.

Below you’ll see some amazing ideas you can prepare for your Halloween parties or gatherings but with a twist that will make your treats way healthier and equally (or even more) yummy! Gather your ingredients, prepare your utensils, spark your creativity, and surprise everybody with these healthy Halloween treats.

Apple Bites

healthy halloween snacks pinterest apple bites

This is a super fun idea that everybody will love. However, instead of all highly sugary treats that this has, you can exchange some ingredients for healthier ones. For instance, marshmallows are amazingly delicious, but they’re basically just sugar, so you can change them and add pieces of banana instead, which are also amazing, and you can shape them like you want (did someone say vampire teeth?). You can use sugar-free peanut butter or even jelly to stick the pieces, or you can actually create unique monsters with other fruits. The idea here is to be really creative!

Dip Test Tubes

healthy halloween snacks pinterest dip test tubes

There's no party without some delicious dips. Instead of buying them (which tend to have processed ingredients that aren’t that healthy), create your own and put them in nice test tubes to decorate your snack table. Try playing with colors (flavored hummus goes great with this) by layering them or assembling different tubes, playing with size and width. Accompany your dips with dehydrated veggie chips or even baked tortillas (keep on reading for this amazing idea).

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Mushroom Eyes

healthy halloween snacks pinterest mushroom eyes

What’s spookier than some eyes lying there? You can make this spooky treat with regular mushrooms. You just have to take the stem out, leaving only the cap. Shred the stem and mix it with some cream cheese and fill the cap with the mixture. To create the eye look, add some sliced olives and decorate with red sauce to simulate the veins. Definitely, a scary yet delicious snack.

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Sugar-free Graveyards

healthy halloween snacks pinterest sugar free graveyards

You can’t have a great Halloween without some candy, or preferably, chocolate. Chocolate isn’t evil, unhealthy food, like many people tend to think. Actually, it has a lot of healthy properties when eaten properly, which means cutting out the sugar! For this cute dessert, you’ll need to make a chocolate mousse with dark chocolate (preferably in its natural form). You can also make it with sugar-free powdered cocoa. To add a sweet touch to the mousse, you can use natural honey or sweeteners. Finish the decoration with crushed chocolate cookies and add some grave-shaped treats (white chocolate or even a slice of an apple or banana can do the trick! 

Pastry Snakes

healthy halloween snacks pinterest pastry

As a pastry lover, it’s impossible for me to leave this one out when it comes to snacks and treats. Besides that, it’s highly versatile to make anything, any shape you want, making it an essential element for your Halloween treats. Now, this one is quite easy to make, you just have to cut strips of pastry and twist them to give the illusion of movement. Add a couple of dark olives to make the eyes and some red peppers for the tongue. Add some sesame seeds and bake these babies, put them next to your test tube dips, and enjoy.

Wrapped Mummies And Fingers

healthy halloween snacks pinterest wrapped mummies and fingers

Jalapeño poppers might be some of the most delicious snacks ever, so you can’t leave them out of any party. For this cute idea, instead of coating the jalapeños with flour and breadcrumbs and frying them (we love fried things, but they aren’t as healthy as we'd like), we’re going to bake them. To make it delicious and cool-looking, you’ll just have to cut some strips of pastry or pizza dough to wrap our jalapeños. Add some eyes, bake, and serve, though they won’t last long on the table. You can make another cool snack with sausages, shaping them like fingers!

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Cheese Mummy Snack

healthy halloween snacks pinterest cheese mummy snack

Carrying on with the mummy theme, take a look at this really cute and simple idea that won't take you more than five minutes. Pick a nice brie cheese (or any other round shaped cheese) and wrap it with some sliced carrots, add eyes with sliced olives and accompany with some crackers or dehydrated chips.

Spinach Pumpkin Dip

healthy halloween snacks pinterest spinach pumpkin dip

This idea is really cute and also quite easy to make. Mix some cream cheese with spinach and condiments and pour them in a fun container; it can be a cauldron, like in the image, a real pumpkin, or anything creative you can think of. Actually, the stars of the dish are the chips. The easiest way to prepare this is with flour tortillas. You just have to cut them into the shape you want (you can get creative as well here) and bake them until they’re crunchy. You can give them different colors with food dye or with the water left from when you boil carrots, broccoli, or beets (dye them before baking).

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The idea here is to stop thinking that treats and snacks must be super sugary or fatty. Moreover, knowing that you can always make fun, delicious, and healthy dishes by switching some of these problematic ingredients with others that are healthier for you. But the most important thing is knowing how to create a balance; having a bit of chocolate or adding carbs to the snacks won’t kill you, on the contrary, if you balance your dishes, you can basically eat anything you like.

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