This Is Not A Trick: Healthy Treats For a Happy Halloween

Are you ready to have the spookiest, coolest, and healthiest snack table ever? Check out these ideas for your Halloween party.

The words Halloween and healthy don’t seem to go together, right? I mean, Halloween immediately reminds us of candy, chocolate, and all sorts of sugary treats. However, healthy doesn’t necessarily mean unflavored and boring snacks, or that you can’t have any delicious ingredients. It’s just about reducing a bit the consumption of sugar and fats, or maybe switching some of the ingredients in your favorite snacks for something healthier.

Below you’ll see some amazing ideas you can prepare for your Halloween parties or gatherings but with a twist that will make your treats way healthier and equally (or even more) yummy! Gather your ingredients, prepare your utensils, spark your creativity, and surprise everybody with these healthy Halloween treats.


Apple Bites

This is a super fun idea that everybody will love. However, instead of all highly sugary treats that this has, you can exchange some ingredients for healthier ones. For instance, marshmallows are amazingly delicious, but they’re basically just sugar, so you can change them and add pieces of banana instead, which are also amazing, and you can shape them like you want (did someone say teeth?). You can use sugar-free peanut butter or even jelly to stick the pieces, or you can actually create unique monsters with other fruits. The idea here is to be really creative! 

Spooky Dip

There's no party without some delicious dips. Instead of buying them (which tend to have processed ingredients that aren’t that healthy), create your own and put them in some creative dishes to decorate your food table. Try playing with colors; flavored hummus goes great to create or even some decorated guac. Accompany your dips with dehydrated veggie chips or even baked tortillas.


Devilish Eyes

What’s spookier than some eyes lying there? You can make this spooky treat with charcuterie, some delicious cheese, and olives. Another idea is making some devil eggs. To make it even spookier, try blending some guacamole with the egg yolks to give it a more interesting color. Definitely, a scary yet delicious snack.

Sugar-free Graveyards

You can’t have a great Halloween without some candy, or preferably, chocolate. Chocolate isn’t evil, unhealthy food, like many people tend to think. Actually, it has a lot of healthy properties when eaten properly, which means cutting out the sugar! For this cute dessert, you’ll need to make a chocolate mousse with dark chocolate (preferably in its natural form). You can also make it with sugar-free powdered cocoa. To add a sweet touch to the mousse, you can use natural honey or sweeteners. Finish the decoration with crushed chocolate cookies and add some grave-shaped treats (white chocolate or even a slice of an apple or banana can do the trick! 


Pastry Snacks

As a pastry lover, it’s impossible for me to leave this one out when it comes to snacks and treats. Besides that, it’s highly versatile to make anything, any shape you want, making it an essential element for your Halloween treats. You can make some delicious salty or sweet pies and shape them with something according to the theme; pumpkins are an easy and cute design everybody will love.

Wrapped Mummies 

Jalapeño poppers might be some of the most delicious snacks ever, so you can’t leave them out of any party. For this cute idea, instead of coating the jalapeños with flour and breadcrumbs and frying them (we love fried things, but they aren’t as healthy as we'd like), we’re going to bake them. To make it delicious and cool-looking, you’ll just have to cut some strips of pastry or pizza dough to wrap our jalapeños. Add some eyes, bake, and serve, though they won’t last long on the table. You can make another cool snack with sausages, shaping them like mummies or even fingers!


Rice Crispy Mummies

Carrying on with the mummy theme, take a look at this really cute and simple idea that won't take you more than five minutes. Make or get some rice crispy treats and cover it with sugar free white chocolate to create the bands, add some eyes and details with colored chocolate or frosting. You can also go for some Halloween-themed sprinkles to reduce the sugar of your crispies.

Sugar-free Skull Cookies

Sugar skulls are one of the best traditions of Día de Muertos, however, well, they're made entirely of sugar! Why not making some delicious sugar-free cookies that keep up with the spirit in a more healthy way? If you're already making some cookie batter, you could also try making these monster s'mores!


Spider Sandwiches

Sandwiches are a delicious and practical snack idea for parties. Level up your game by making some tasty and yet creative sandwiches. You could make some peanut butter and jelly ones and shape them like spiders with a circular cookie cutter and some pretzel sticks. If you want something on the salty area, you could use that same cutter to create some spooky eyes and make a fun egg sandwich skull.

Classic Corn Candy Popcorn

This one is not only easy to assemble but it also screams Halloween right away. Instead of just mixing popcorn and corn candy, you could make it more interesting and add some nuts and pretzels to play with textures and flavors.


Cheesy Broomsticks

We were missing some witch elements on this Halloween feast! Again, this one is so easy it won't take you more than 10 minutes to assemble. You'll just need some bread or pretzel sticks and some sliced cheddar cheese. Cut some fringes on the cheese and roll it on one side of the sticks. Tie them up and you'll be ready to go!

Meringue Ghosts

If you were looking for a delicious yet light treat this is it! Now, traditional meringues are entirely made with egg whites and sugar (lots of it); however, you can replace sugar with a healthier sweetener. Add a bit of vanilla and some lemon and you'll have a delicious and soft desert your guests will adore.


Cake Pops

Cake pops are not only delicious and trendy, but also very fun to make and easy to be creative. You can create basically any Halloween design, the trick to make them healthier is choosing some sugar-free white chocolate, some food dyes, or even make a vegan batter instead of using a regular cake one to avoid using that many eggs and sugar.


Like cake pops or cookies, donuts are a great canvas to let your imagination and creativity ran amok. You don't have to make them from scratch, you can get some regular chocolate donuts and decorate them with some white chocolate or frosting to create some amazing designs.


Spider Pie

Another great desert for Halloween are pies or cheesecakes, the idea is to make small ones so everybody can have one without having to be cutting slices. Decorate them with a cute spider or Halloween classic creature and you'll be ready to go. You can use a regular circular chocolate and add some eyes and legs to create a spider.

Chocolate Treats

Let's close our selection with one of the easiest snacks to make. You can go for an easy truffles or fruits dipped in chocolate, and just add some sprinkles. Or even make some classic brownies and splash some of the same batter on them to create some cute designs. These are great for a last-minute party.


The idea here is to stop thinking that treats and snacks must be super sugary or fatty. Moreover, knowing that you can always make fun, delicious, and healthy dishes by switching some of these problematic ingredients with others that are healthier for you. But the most important thing is knowing how to create a balance; having a bit of chocolate or adding carbs to the snacks won’t kill you, on the contrary, if you balance your dishes, you can basically eat anything you like.

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