How To Say Happy Thanksgiving In Spanish And Other Food-Related Expressions You Need To Know

Do you know how to express you best wishes during this holiday season in another language? Here are a lot of handy translations to congratulate your friends and family and wish them a happy Thanksgiving in Spanish!

There are so many phrases and words that are beautiful across many languages, and expressions of gratitude are among the loveliest among them. It’s always good to know how to say things in different tongues, especially when it comes to common festive expressions when holiday season is around. And what better way to celebrate Thanksgiving than combining the beauty of gratitude with the practicality of learning another language?

As you may know, Spanish is among the most spoken languages in the world, so there’s really no good excuse not to speak at least some of it. And if you have a Latin friend or live near a Latin American community, it would be a really nice gesture if you spoke to them in that language. Or perhaps you only want to wish your friends and family a happy holiday in one of the world's most beautiful languages. Either way, here’s how to say Happy Thanksgiving and other holiday-related words and expressions in Spanish!


“¡Feliz día de acción de gracias!” (“Happy Thanksgiving!”)

A great, warming thought! Although it’s not much used in Spanish-speaking countries (since they don’t have thanksgiving days as such), it’s still nice to know how the expression is translated. The key word here is gracias. Its most literal meaning is “graces,” and it’s the main way (though certainly not the only one) of saying “thanks” in Spanish. 

“Gracias por esta comida” (“Thank you for this food”)

This one will serve you on many more occasions than just during Thanksgiving, so it’s good to keep it in mind. It is especially appropriate during this holiday, however, as the first thing you should traditionally be thankful for is the fact that you got food on the table—it’s all about a successful harvest, after all.


“Estoy agradecido/agradecida por lo que tengo” (“I’m thankful for what I have”)

A basic expression for Thanksgiving. Since Spanish specifies gender in its adjectives, if you’re a woman, you’ll want to say “agradecida,” and if you’re a man, you’d say “agradecido.”


“De nada” (“You’re welcome”)

If someone ever tells you “gracias,” the proper answer is “de nada,” which literally means “for nothing” or, more suitably, “it’s nothing.” You can also respond with “no hay de qué,” which has a similar meaning but a more formal tone.

“Qué rica comida” (“What a delicious feast”)

Although the expression literally would mean “what a delicious food,” perhaps it sounds more natural to say “feast.” Either way, you get the point. Tell this to your host or hostess to let them know how much you appreciate their cooking.


“Pastel de manzana” (“Apple pie”)

You should know that many in Mexico, for instance, do use the word pie to distinguish it from pastel (“cake”). So, if you say “pie de manzana,” it’s fine. 

Pastel de calabaza” (“Pumpkin pie”)

Same as above, you can also say “pie de calabaza.”

“Día festivo” (“Holiday”)

More literally, “día festivo” means festive day, but it’s used to refer to holidays in general. If it’s more than one day, then just use the plural “días festivos.”


The rest of the translations are pretty straightforward, but still worth knowing. 

“Desfile de acción de gracias” (“Thanksgiving parade”)

“Salsa de arándanos” (“Cranberry sauce”)

“Banquete” (“Feast”)

“Cosecha” (“Harvest”)

“Puré de papa” (“Mashed potatoes”)

“Otoño” (“Fall/Autumn”)

“Bendición” (“Blessing”)

“Camote” (“Yam” or "sweet potato")

This Spanish word is quite regional, mostly used in Mexico. In other countries, a yam can be called batata, papa dulce, patata dulce, moniato, boniato, or chaco.


“Pavo” (“Turkey”)

It’s worth noting that, unlike English, Spanish has different words for the bird (“pavo”) and the country (“Turquía”). 

There are many more suitable expressions for this beautiful occasion. If you know Spanish, share with us your favorite Thanksgiving words and phrases. And if you don’t know Spanish, then open your world! You’ll be amazed at how much you learn about culturesand how much your perspective about a particular community can changeif you learn their tongue. ¡Feliz día de acción de gracias!


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